Cacao, Breathwork & Sound Healing Experience - Auckland

Sat Oct 30 2021 at 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Yoga Collective | North Shore

Monique Carmela
Publisher/HostMonique Carmela
Cacao, Breathwork & Sound Healing Experience - Auckland
Biodynamic Breathwork & Shamanic Sound Workshop
In this workshop Monique & Liam will guide you on a unique and profound healing journey. Utilising the power of sacred prayer and intention setting to pave your way for the journey you are about to take..
Opening the space with sacred Cacao Ceremony. Cacao is so incredibly powerful in her healing abilities, she will support you and nurture, she will offer insights that you are ready to receive, and guide you through your emotional body, assisting you to feel and express what is being held in the body so that you can experience freedom, spaciousness, and inner peace..
Finding your place of resource to keep you feeling safe and grounded,
You will be guided through connected breath to take you into non-ordinary states of consciousness where you will discover what is being held in the body and where.
We invite you to explore movement, vocal expression, and bodywork assisting in the release of stuck energy and emotions, healing core emotional wounds, completing trauma cycles and self-sabotaging patterns so that you can be free from the shackles holding you back in life, paving a new path for you to embark on.
Intuitively bringing in our shamanic instruments to assist in your healing journey
Closing this sacred ceremony with integration, a meditative practice to release any excess energy, to receive insights and inner wisdom, to rest and and return to your centre, offering deep relaxation and peace.
What is Biodynamic Breathwork
Biodynamic breathwork combines conscious connected breathing, toning, movement, bodywork, and meditation to assist in the release of trauma and stress from the physical body.
This work awakens the dormant parts of the self, bringing forth suppressed emotions so that they can be fully felt, expressed, and released, allowing for core wounds and traumas to be resolved and integrated within the nervous system. As these energetic blocks are released, life force energy is able to flow more freely, supporting you in the release of old patterns and beliefs.
Breathwork can assist you to
✨Release physical tension and pain
✨Uncover and express repressed emotions in a safe supportive space
✨Find your voice and Embrace your inner power
✨Heal core emotional wounds
✨Open your heart and experience unconditional love, self-acceptance, and compassion
✨Deepen your connection to your body

Shamanic Sound Journey
Incorporating shamanic instruments to assist in the healing journey, these instruments will be brought in intuitively throughout the session.
The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are powerful sound healing tools, made of pure, ethically mined quartz blended with crystals, precious gemstones, minerals and precious metals. "Science has proved that the crystal lattice is very similar in form to the DNA double-helix structure and has an ability to store, reproduce, amplify, harmonise, and radiate electromagnetic forces. The Crystal Singing Bowls are here to sing us into alignment with our true nature"
The Didgeridoo, "Aboriginal elders play the didgeridoo near sick people to help them regain health. Contemporary science is currently documenting the beneficial effects of vibration on bone, muscle, and hormonal function.
Therefore, didgeridoo sound healing could be considered as an alternate treatment for stress, disease, anxiety, depression, injury, and emotional pain and other medical conditions.”
Maple Elk Hide Drum, Maple helps you release disappointment and disillusionment. Elk Medicine gives us the stamina and endurance needed when working with our shadow self. As we go through our fears, we expand ourselves and add more trust to our circle. Trust is the lubricant that helps us take the “leap of faith” that leads us to unity with spirit and to a reclaiming of our original grace.
Ceremonial Grade Cacao is a plant medicine that shamans have worked with and shared for thousands of years to clear negativity, to open, clear and heal the heart space, to bring forth invaluable insights and healing to those who consume and honour this sacred medicine.
Ceremonial Cacao is processed in the traditional shamanic way, honouring the medicine and the community who grows and processes the beans with pure loving intention.
We use Seleno Health Cacao, we connect with Corin & Sally at Lunasa Festival and fell in love with their Cacao. She offers a supportive and nurturing energy as we journey within the heart space.
Seleno Health is a small family run business led by Dr Corin Storkey and Jacqueline Huapaya, based between New Zealand and Peru. New Zealand born founder and Co-director – Dr Corin Storkey has over 15 years of academic and research experience, specialising in medicinal antioxidant chemistry, oxidative diseases, cellular protection and health. Co-director Sally Huapaya is Peruvian, with a Bachelor in industrial engineering and great knowledge of traditional health enhancing Peruvian foods. She has a passion to share what Peru has to offer and aspires to give back to the people of her homeland. In Peru, Seleno Health create authentic Organic Farm to Table Maca and Cacao directly with their local farmers under the sub-brand The Maca Experts.
Benefits of Cacao
~ High in antioxidants, supporting cardio-vascular & cognitive health, and improves blood flow.
~ High in magnesium, which many of us in the western world are highly deficient in, magnesium helps us to come out of the sympathetic nervous system, to relax the body and mind, offering mental clarity and focus, as well as improving sleep.
~ Neurotransmitters and anti-depressants, helps to activate the natural happy chemicals in our brain (serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine ), elevating your mood and helping to naturally alleviate depression.
$65 per person
$110 couple ($55 each)
Sliding scale for those in genuine financial hardship who are called to participate in this healing experience. Msg directly for more info.
No refund policy. Transfer available with 24 hours notice.
What to bring:
Yoga mat
Water bottle
Wear comfortable clothes
We encourage you to set an intention for the session. Perhaps something you're wanting to release or something
you're wanting to call into your life.

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Yoga Collective, 237 Parnell Rd, Parnell, New Zealand 1052, North Shore, New Zealand


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