BSC Man Ride 2023 - UK & Europe

Sat Oct 07 2023 at 08:00 am to 05:00 pm

VIA Atelier | London

Dan Richards
Publisher/HostDan Richards
BSC Man Ride 2023 - UK & Europe
Go the distance for men's mental health! 200km that will be undeniably tough yet unforgettably sweet.
About this Event

Fancy a casual 200km jaunt from London to Cambridge and back to London? Join Black Sheep Cycling's Man Ride 2023 (MR23). Alright alright, I know it say's 200km but ours has a little bit of change! — it's more than just sore legs and Lycra; it's a statement, a challenge, and... did we mention sore legs?

Our Man Ride 2023 - MR23 - is set for Saturday, 7th October. A cheeky 214km challenge with about 1300m of ups, downs, and all-arounds. It's a bit like a roller coaster, but on two wheels! From Brisbane to the buzzing streets of London, from the vibrant alleys of Seoul to the bustling lanes of Kuala Lumpur, MR23 is not just another ride—it's a global pedal party! And guess what? London's not just on the map, it's in bold and underlined! Yep, that's us, holding the fort and flying high for the UK & Europe. So, lace up those cleats, and let's make some international noise!

Date: Saturday, 7th October 2023

Time: 0800am for pre ride Coffee, Bakes and Bants

Rollout: 08:30am


Start/Finish: VIA Atelier, London (Trust us, it's fancy!)

Ride: 214km. It’s ambitious, it’s bonkers, it's... well, a lot of pedalling!

Helpful bits!

What's MR23 All About?

In 2016, Black Sheep Cycling started a conversation that's louder than our bike bells. Today, MR23 is all about mind-gains! Expect the Brizzy feel-good vibes with a London twist. It's not a race, folks. It's a worldwide pedal-powered jamboree, no seriously, we're making up the UK & Europe contingent

Who's Leading the Charge?

Here's where it gets interesting. Ride alongside Black Sheep Cycling’s UK Ambassador Dan Richards (@theonearmedwonder). Why? He’s got some tales to tell, loves a good pedal, and because he figured if he’s doing 200km, he shouldn’t be alone in the madness!

Why Ride? Buns of steel? Sure. But more than that, you’ll be part of a global chorus shouting: "Mental health, we've got your back!" Pedal with purpose, sweat with pride, and maybe... just maybe, earn that extra pastry, pizza, cake or whatever the hell tickles your fancy!

The Not-So-Small Print (But Still Fun to Read):

Alright pedal-poppers, time for some house rules!

Entry is completely free. To ensure the safety of everyone on the day, entries are mandatory.

Due to the many, MANY kilometres ahead, pack like a cycling scout: water, munchies, and those all-important spares. And please, let your bike be in top shape. We want our stories to be about the ride, not your rusty chain!

Here's the official line: By hopping on this two-wheeled adventure, Black Sheep Cycling is cheering you on but isn't your safety net for any mishaps. Stick to road rules, be the amazing cyclists we know you are, and give a loud "Hola" if things get wobbly. We've got each other's backs! Remember, while the journey is epic, safety is paramount. By joining in, you're signalling that you've got the pedal prowess for this stretch or you're game to rise to the occasion. Keep it wheel, folks!

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VIA Atelier, 18-19 Stable Street, London, United Kingdom


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