Brickz & Crown Presents Schools N Session

Sat Aug 27 2022 at 06:00 pm to Sun Aug 28 2022 at 01:00 am

500 W 32nd St | Charlotte

Brickz & Crown Presents Schools N Session Legendary Father Brickz Margiela & Overseer Crown Lanvin Presents Schools N Session Deluxe Ball
About this Event

? School’s N Session ?

Hosted by: Legendary Father Brickz Margiela & Overseer Crown Lanvin *Carolina OTY Approved*

Date: Saturday August 27, 2022

Location: 500 W 32nd St

Charlotte, NC 28206

Time: 6 pm

LSS: 8:30 pm

Door: $20 til 10pm $30 after

Commentators: Boom Balenciaga & Big Mama Luxe

******All categories tonight you must bring it with a/some school supplies items that can be donated towards the School drive. This ball is about giving back as a community. For the entire month of August we have collected school supplies to donate.*****


All categories will be broken down

? OTA Realness: 1st day of School $300

School is back in and it’s your first day of high school. Remember how excited you was to get “Fresh to death”. Tonight the look is on you, but remember everything needs to be fresh.

*All realness categories must be brought with a book bag that will be donated towards the school drive items* (No Legends)

?Legendary Realness(MF/FF): Meet the Parents $300

Tonight for Parent Teacher Conference, bring to the judges a photo of one one of your gay children in the ballroom community.

?OTA Runway: School supply List $250

You just received your list of school supplies you are going to need for the 1st semester of school. Bring it in a creative effect from head to toe incorporating the school supplies on your list. (Your choice of school supplies)

?Virgin Runway: Theater Class

Let’s see your creative side for the first day of theater class. Bring it in a creative theater mask.


?BQ Vogue Fem: Pep Rally $250

Today is the back to school prep rally, one of the most entertaining events hosted at the beginning of the school year to get you in the spirit. We want to see how you show your school spirit in a look representing a high school of your choice. (No legends)

?Old way: Dance Auditions

You are auditioning for the Hip Hop dance team. Bring it in a white t-shirt and black sweat pants

?FF Performance(Drags/FQ/Women): Bad Teacher $250

It’s time to return to work after a long summer and you hate it!. On your first day of class you come in hungover from drinking all night wearing a black skirt, white blouse that’s tied in the front, a pair of black heels, and some black frames. Bring to the runway how bad of a teacher you looked when you stepped into the room. (no legends)

?Legendary Performance(MF/FF): The Principle $300

You are the head master when it comes to Performance. Now that school is back in session it’s time to get these performance kids in order. Tonight bring it in your principal attire and show them why you have your masters degree.

?Virgin Performance: Home Room

Bring it in white polo shirt & Khaki Pants (Skirts are acceptable)

?Hand performance: Band Practice

Blue jeans, white gloves, and a high school T-shirt of your choice

?OTA Face (MF/FF): Yearbook

Picture day is here and you are known for having the best yearbook photo every year. Well it’s time to take those pictures for this year’s yearbook, Will you be picture ready? Bring it in a prep school look.

Sex Siren

?FQ Sex Siren: School Nurse

Show us how sexy a school nurse can look with clothes on.

?MF Sex Siren: Sex Education Teacher

It’s time to get geared up to start another year of sex education class. We want to see how sexy you are coming out your suit and tie.

?Commentator vs Commentator: Lunch Time

Lunch table beats always got the lunch room jumping. You’re standing in the lunch line with no table how will hype up your classmates? Give us a chant that’s gon get everybody up.


?Best dressed: Homecoming Dance $200

Homecoming is a long-standing tradition that welcomes previous students, alumni, and staff back to the campus after months of social separation. This year the homecoming theme is “One Night in Paris” bring us a flashy look that solidifies your spot as homecoming king or queen.

?Sneaker vs Sneaker: First Day of School

It’s the first day of school and you got the newest new shoes on the bus. Show us what’s new this year with a pair of shoes that was released between 2021-2022. Hope yours are newer than the next.

Grand Prize

?Schoolgirl Realness (Drag/FQ): Easy A $500

It’s your senior year and you want to have more of a social life. You decided to tell a little white lie to your girlfriends in the hallway about how you lost your virginity over the summer. Well that white lie got out and you start to live a parallel life. After taking a page from “The Scarlet Letter” you’ve decided to use the rumor mill to get all eyes on you. Come to the judges in a all black scandal with your red “A” on the front.

?Realness w/ Twist: JROTC $500

It’s the homecoming game for the school’s football team. You have been in JROTC practices all summer long, and tonight you guys will March out onto the field to start off with the national anthem. It’s show time! Bring it to the judges tonight in your JROTC uniform and don’t forget your American flag.

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500 W 32nd St, 500 West 32nd Street, Charlotte, United States


USD 500.00

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