Breathwork | Clearing the Lungs with Michelle Baker

Sat Nov 11 2023 at 11:00 am to 01:00 pm

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Breathwork | Clearing the Lungs with Michelle Baker
CLEARING THE LUNGS with Michelle Baker
It has been said that, if left unexpressed, we can carry lifetimes of grief, sadness and joy within the intricate weavings of our lungs. It has also been said that in order to heal we need to feel.
When given a safe space to feel into and clear the ancient archives of our lungs we welcome a sense of freedom and healing that we might have otherwise never known. The result? A deep capacity to breathe and in turn a deeper capacity to live.
When the energy of your lungs travels unhindered it opens the pathways to clearer thinking, new ideas, and good communication. Let’s bow to our first week of Autumn with a cleaner, clearer, more fulfilling breath.
We’ll begin class in circle with an introduction to the breath and a communal conversation around the theme before diving into the main ingredient, the breath. We’ll close our time together in circle with tea, chocolate and conversation. Warm welcome.
Warm welcome.
- Michelle-
Sted: YogaKi Oslo, Kongsveien 91
Tidspunkt: lørdag 11.november 11:00-13:00
Pris: 490 kr
Du får låne alt av utstyr til praksisen, men vi anbefaler at du tar med en egen øyepute, om du har.
About Michelle:
Michelle Baker is a renowned space holder, practitioner, teacher and mentor known for her grounding presence, soothing voice and steady counsel. Her work is centered around guiding people back home to the innate wisdom of their bodies through a weaving of the breath, somatic practices, yoga, meditation and body focussed inquiry & coaching. Her love for poetry, curiosity and writing is woven into all that she offers.
Her work includes being a Holistic Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Ceremony Curator, Writer, Breathworker, and Reiki Master.
Michelle grew up in upstate New York and began her work in holistic wellness in 2013 as a life coach and private chef while living in Brooklyn. She currently lives on the Swedish west coast with her partner and her dog, Bodhi.
She has been working with clients individually since 2013 and leading groups in person and online since 2014.
Michelle is a transformational mentor specializing in empowerment and self-worth; working with hundreds of women and men supporting them on their path of inner growth. Her work has taken her around the globe and most recently introduced her to collaborating with some wise, spirit seeking women creating and leading international retreats, and trainings.

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