Boundaries for Highly Sensitive & Empathic Women

Fri Sep 29 2023 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Birmingham | Birmingham

Danielle Morrisey
Publisher/HostDanielle Morrisey
Boundaries for Highly Sensitive & Empathic Women
Learn why boundaries are the most strategic tool for improved communication and better relationships.
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***This is an ONLINE workshop.***


You think you may need to "be better" with them.

But, where to begin?

What does the concept really mean?

Why do they not always FEEL "healthy" if they're supposedly good for you?

This workshop is for YOU if...
  • You seek a better understanding of the CONCEPT of boundaries
  • You feel guilty, selfish, or "rude" when thinking about setting boundaries
  • You want more ease in your relationships
  • You recognize that people-pleasing is no longer a good strategy of relating with others ,and instead leaves you feeling unfulfilled
  • You're ready to learn to make requests to get your needs met

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In this workshop you will discover...
  • The 2 main types of boundaries
  • How to clearly identify your boundaries
  • Why it's especially important for HSP/empaths to set and maintain boundaries
  • The benefits of boundaries in relationships
  • The energetics behind setting boundaries gracefully
  • Ways to set boundaries that makes the other person WANT to respect them

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Danielle Morrisey is a holistic, trauma-informed life coach specializing in embodiment, empowerment, mindfulness, and transformation for highly-sensitive and empathic women. With a background in mental health, psychology, sociology, and mysticism, Danielle guides clients through personal transformation and alignment with their Authentic & Empowered Self.

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