Botnia & Filmverkstaden presents: Delivery of the Sun - screening and talk

Fri Nov 26 2021 at 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm

Draama-sali | Vaasa

Elokuvakeskus Botnia ry \/ Filmcentrum Botnia rf
Publisher/HostElokuvakeskus Botnia ry / Filmcentrum Botnia rf
Botnia & Filmverkstaden presents: Delivery of the Sun - screening and talk
Elokuvakeskus Botnian näytökset Draama-salissa alkavat! / Filmcentrum Botnias visningar i Dramasalen börjar!
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!This event is in English!
Delivery of the Sun presents six films about distribution, darkness and the sun. Who gets access to light and how is it used? How do we distribute resources and build ethical frameworks around their use, even ones we experience as being ubiquitous, immaterial or lacking in value? Including an archival film and works by Zachary Epcar, Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann, Michael Heindl, Dmitri Lurie and Fern Silva, this 55m screening is a collaboration between Filmverkstaden and their residency artist, Ruth Aitken.
The screening is part of a broader multidisciplinary project, The Solar Library, a collaboration between Ruth and Camilla Fagerli, which seeks to engage with questions around libraries, resource distribution, conservation and access, energy, light, the universe, fibre optics and sharks*. It engages collaboration, curation, collection, distribution, cinema and chaos as artistic tools. This screening in Vaasa is the first public expression of the project, as it continues to develop across the next year. A short presentation of the project in its current form will be presented after the screening by Ruth, and input, questions and conversation is welcomed.
Ruth Aitken (Ruth & Alexander) is a Scottish artist based in Tromsø, Northern Norway. She works with the intersection between production and labour, systems of power, the ethical systems which underpin them and the rituals that ultimately appear. This has recently been explored through thinking about distribution, where material, form and content are dictated by a thinking around access and the infrastructure through which power, information and resources are distributed. Having a BA in Time Based Art and Digital Film from Dundee University (2012) and an MA from Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art (2018), her practice seeks to work with others, to engage and empower an artist-led, autonomous art scene, and to operate outwith traditional distribution modes. She cofounded the environmentally focused, manifesto-based project Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst) with James S. Lee, the moving-image platform [ KINOBOX ] with Sarah Schipschack and is a member of Filmverkstaden's younger Norwegian cousin, Polar Film Lab. Ruth has been in residency with Filmverkstaden throughout November.
Filmverkstaden's aim is to improve the opportunities for artists to work with independent audio-visual arts while raising interest for audio-visual art in general. A national and international platform where artists and creative professionals involved with audio-visual arts can meet, create, develop, show and share their art. A place for development and experiment, through exchange of knowledge and inspiration.
Filmverkstaden provides working facilities, such as a darkroom, master classes and workshops, film screenings, interesting events and projects. Since spring 2019 Filmverkstaden offers its facilities at Korsholmesplanaden in Vasa.

*Despite a media perpetuated panic following a video of a shark biting an underwater fibre optic cable going viral, sharks have caused no known damage to underwater fibre optic cabling after 2006, and along with other fish were responsible for less than 1% of the damages to cables previous to this.

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Draama-sali, Kirjastonkatu 13, 65100 Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland, Vaasa, Finland

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