Borderless Africa Tech Summit

Fri Oct 20 2023 at 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm

Circle Square | Manchester

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Borderless Africa Tech Summit
AI for Development of social and commercial good for the Diaspora and Africa
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SERIES THEME: Inclusive AI for development of social and commercial good in Africa



•Job creation

•SME digitization

•Diaspora influence

•Policy and African AI ethics

•Data Transformation in Africa


Adanian Labs as a #VentureBuilder or #Venture Studio means we are using our unique positioning to

create and spearhead a shared economy for Africa through building a socio-economic ecosystem

revolving around shared resources, shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption.


Africans across the continent and the diaspora are making a move to change

the current African narrative, this change is a paradigm shift and positive Change agent that will define our history by it's cause of action. At this crucial period when Africa needs bold and dynamic leaders to champion this strategic and needed inclusivity, change and development to harness the economy of the fourth revolution not as an onlooker but a strategic player and driver with it's untapped huge youth population, John Kamara steps up to be one of the strategic and chief drivers of the tech revolution in Africa.

John is a futuristic leader who promotes knowledge sharing and innovation, and has numerous



• Founder – AI Centre of Excellence

• CEO – Cortex Africa (Leading Artificial Intelligence Company in Africa)

• Director Non-Executive – Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa

• Director for Strategy – Data Driven Innovation Center under CREATES Center of

Excellence at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology

• Chevalier (Knight) Ordre Des Arts est des Technologies – Crypto Chain University

• Director for Growth - Global Gaming Africa

• Founder – Jamborow (Fintech) | Afrimart (eCommerce) | AfyaRekod (HealthTech)

• Investor – eCobba (Fintech) | Twaa (Mentoring & Learning) | PhermaAgri (AgriTech)

John’s current focus is how smart technologies can be leveraged in solving some of the most

prominent and pertinent socio-economic challenges in Africa; and how various players can

play a role through empowerment of existing structures and systems to build holistic

sustainable ecosystems in problem solving.


JOHN KAMAR & ADANIAN LABS understand the challenges facing startup in uk , most importantly

the black startups community and ecosystem. While funding support from UK govt, institutions and private sector plays a crucial part in mitigating the black and diasporas start up challenges, exploring continuous funds

support for the black startups ecosystem in uk is imperative given the ever evolving nature of the tech sector and it's impart on human lives on a daily basis. Adanian Labs recognizes this challenge as it explores ways to help mitigate this need through strategic partnership and investor funding for this startups.

As Africa embraces the wind of the tech revolution as players and key contenders, its pertinent that African Diaspora community maximizes the

advantage of FIRA which guarantees the diaspora an economic market share. Adanian Labs headed by John

being an industry player has an in-depth understanding regarding

the challenges of inclusion to foster corporation, operational attitude, best practice and knowledge sharing that will translate into sustainable development for the African continent.


⏩ Open day for startups who registers online

⏩ What is to come from Adanian for black startups community in uk?

⏩John will be discussing

Adanian Labs 2024 agenda for UK startups and the Adanian Labs role in further supporting black/minority startups.

This initiative will give black UK startups the opportunity to

further develop, increase revenue and sustainability.

⏩ African market & Adanian borderless Africa


(Your gateway into Africa).

We help your business unlock and scale to New Markets in Africa seamlessly.

We have built an ecosystem of partners to provide a shared economy offering to technology

companies looking to scale across the continent. We are your launch pad to a new or multiple

African markets. From research, to tech localization, we can scale you up. Leverage our extensive network and experience in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia to establish and expand your business operations across other African countries in a cost-effective


Strategic presence in key countries that attract 60% of African VC funding.

Access to over 800 million potential customers.

Established partnerships within and beyond the Adanian ecosystem to support startups.

Rapid and cost-effective multi-market launch for your business.

Fully compliant with the African Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), offering a truly borderless opportunity.

●Technology and Culture

Our tried and tested products have been instrumental in driving the growth of Africa's most

innovative and rapidly expanding startups. We offer customized technology solutions for various industries, including supply chain management, customer experience enhancement, and market


It’s essential that we understand the cultural dynamics in Africa to further get the outcomes we want and deserve .

●Technology in Africa

Africa is experiencing a boost in technology solutions, though Africa has its long standing problem of

exclusion which has hampered development, however their is no better time than now for Africans

startups, African startups are attaining unicorn height with the likes of flutter wave etc

●Biggest challenges facing black UK startups.

Funding and Culture

●funding and scaling

Venture Building

We invest, incubate, nurture and launch scalable technology startups that create sustainable impact

in Africa. We run 12 months venture building program with relevant partners to build scalable derisked commercial tech ventures positioned for scale (early stage investment)

Visionary investors invited to partner with Adanian Labs to build sector-focused tech ventures and

capacity that address some of the challenges that are experienced within the identified sector, to significantly impact the industry. These ventures become the vehicles that create new opportunity

avenues for economic growth.


Adanian is a state. It is a state of mind. Adanian Labs fosters a community of innovative and

transformative individuals and companies in the Adanian State, where entrepreneurs can thrive and

reach their potential. The community focuses on utilizing technology to build sustainable businesses

in Africa, providing resources and support to create a generation of resilient entrepreneurs

EVENT : 13th October 2023


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