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Get certified as a Body Awakening Facilitator in our hands-on training program starting on May 3rd!
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3 Days (18 hours of Full-On Practice Training)

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Embark on a profound journey of self-healing and elevate your practice, service, or technique to new heights with our Certificate Facilitator Training: Body Awakening.

This transformative program, sought after for years, promises not only a great service but also a profound impact, faster healing, and a healthy income.

To save $200 please book directly on the website

with promo code tantrastudios.

In the year 2024, BodyAwakening will guide you in significantly enhancing your skills as a therapist and increasing your income.

After years of healing thousands of individuals and refining the technique to make it applicable across various disciplines, we are here to offer you a high-level, distinctive technique that will not only impact your personal life but also elevate your business.

There has been a longstanding demand for this training, and we have finally assembled the team and all the necessary elements to deliver it to you.

What is this technique all about?

BodyAwakening is a technique that integrates various disciplines, with a primary focus on manipulating the fascia through physical touch. Fascia is the connective tissue that, due to its watery nature, accumulates many physical, emotional, and energetic blockages.

Understanding the fascia, its impact on posture, and how posture affects emotions are essential for conducting impactful therapy on both the body and the psyche.

Meticulously designed, the program explores the trilogy of the physical realm, delving into the deep fascia that holds traumas, understanding the emotional body where emotions are stored, and leveraging the energy body to awaken the kundalini serpent.

Participants gain invaluable knowledge and practical techniques for personal growth, ensuring that they provide the best possible experience for their patients or clients. It is a journey to facilitate transformative experiences for others and position your therapies as highly valuable, setting you apart from the competition.

Program Highlights:

Structure: The program is divided into 7 sessions, each lasting approximately 3 to 4 hours, fostering an intimate group setting with substantial one-on-one time with the instructor. It is practical, personalized, and equips participants with the skills to work in groups (collective healing) and private sessions (1-on-1).


Explore the physical (FASCIA), emotional (EMOTIONS), and energetic (KUNDALINI) bodies through postures, touching techniques, breathing exercises, and trauma release methods. Learn how to unlock emotions, raise energy, and integrate the structure for a holistic approach to healing.


Session One:

OPEN - The Physical Body (Upper and Lower Body)- Emphasize the importance of connective tissue functions.- Introduce cycles of 7 for daily energy enhancement.

Session Two:

ACCEPTANCE - The Emotional Body- Create awareness of emotions' physical storage.

- Understand the growth of the first ROOT chakras (C7).

- Learn techniques to work on shame through fascia manipulation with benefits in both the physical and energetic realms.

Total Training Time: 6 hours


Session Three:

EMBRACE- Learn techniques to touch and manipulate the body for emotion release.

- Engage in individual and group exercises liberating emotions through touch.

- Understand the growth of the SECOND SACRAL chakra (C7).

- Techniques to work on FEAR liberation with practical manipulation exercises.

Session Four:

BALANCE - First Body Lock- Understand the growth of the THIRD PLEXUS chakra (C7).

- Techniques to work on GUILT liberation with practical manipulation exercises.

Total Training Time: 6 hours


Session Five:

EXPANSION - The Energetic Body- Participate in exercises to raise energy and enhance awareness.- Understand the growth of the FOURTH HEART chakra (C7).

- Techniques to work on ANGER liberation with practical manipulation exercises.

Session Six:

INTEGRATION & CONNECTION- Balance the divine feminine and masculine energies.

- Understand the growth of the fifth SIXTH THROAT AND THIRD chakras (C7).

- Techniques to work on control and attachment with practical manipulation exercises.

Total Training Time: 6 hours

Certification Benefits:

Participants will gain expertise to treat their and others' bodies like never before.

This certification is a divine journey into self-awareness, guiding others uniquely.

Join us in this transformative training and become a certified facilitator of Body Awakening, unlocking the secrets of the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies for healing and growth.

Mario Cosmico is an extraordinary individual whose life journey epitomizes a dedication topersonal growth and holistic healing.

Overcoming a rare medical condition andenduring extensive surgery, Mario's early years were marked by resilience.

Followinga life-altering surfing accident, he sought transformative healing in Bali, restoring not just physical functionality but triggering a profound realignment in posture and self-perception.

Transitioning from a successful salsa dancing career, Mario, with over 17 years ofhealing experience across 80 countries, now guides others on unique journeys ofself-discovery and empowerment.

His approach, grounded in the belief of the bodyas a sacred temple, underscores the transformative power of resilience, self-love, anda deep connection to the body as a conduit for unlocking life's mysteries.

Please arrive few minutes early and bring a blanket and a bottle of water.

Free parking.

For more info please call or text 305-992-0754.


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