Blue Dream Ganja Yoga and Sound Journey

Sat Mar 04 2023 at 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Boheme Yoga | Los Angeles

Psychedelia: Psychedelic Integration Los Angeles
Publisher/HostPsychedelia: Psychedelic Integration Los Angeles
Blue Dream Ganja Yoga and Sound Journey Cannabis Enhanced Yoga & Shivasana Sound bath: Light up and Let go!
About this Event


Spring is a time of transformation and growth, and as the earth sheds its winter coat, we too can let go of what no longer serves us. This season calls us to refresh and rejuvenate, to release what holds us back and make space for new possibilities. Let’s embrace the energy of renewal and allow it to inspire positive changes and new beginnings.

PsychedeLiA Integration and Blue Dream Yoga invite you to immerse yourself in a safe and compassion-centered journey of self-discovery, insight, relaxation, healing, and bliss!

Event Activities:

  • Begin with a communal cannabis circle to get to know each other and relish the comfort of our space. This will also be a time to set intentions and bring awareness to the cannabis flower. Feel free to bring an item of importance or a note of intention to place on our altar.
  • Slow and relaxing, all-levels gentle yoga to help deepen the mind, body soul, connection. You don’t need to be flexible or have any yoga experience to enjoy the benefits.
  • Sound Bath to help us ground into our bodies and feel a deep sense of relaxation, connect to rest, and commune with the plant energies.
  • Integration circle and a time to enjoy light refreshments and mingle with community!

- This event is 21+ - Parking information will be provided after ticket purchase.

~Space is limited~

Things To Bring:

  • BYOB (bring your own bud) or CBD (imbibing is optional)
  • A special item for our communal altar and intention setting (optional)
  • Your own water bottle
  • Yoga mats, bolsters, blankets will be provided. However, feel free to bring your own, if you prefer.
  • Eye mask (optional)
  • Wear comfortable clothing

DATE: January 21, 2023

TIME: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm - PST

LOCATION: Boheme Yoga, 731 S Spring St #600, Los Angeles, CA 90014

FEE: $66.00 (in case of financial hardship, write to [email protected])

REFUND POLICY: No Refunds from within 48 hours before the event.


Sharzad's Bio:

Sharzad is PsychedeLiA’s Specialty Facilitator and founder of South Bay LA’s Blue Dream Yoga, which combines conscious cannabis with yoga. She’s an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor and a Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher. She’s a double major graduate of UCLA and is currently working on her E-RYT 500. Her passion for sharing ganja yoga and cannabis facilitation stems from her own personal experience. Sharzad’s intuitive and compassion-centered approach allows clients to journey inward while finding peace, solace, insight, healing, and transformation. She facilitates cannabis enhanced yoga and holds cannabis medicine space for private and group sessions, events, and corporate wellness, both in person and virtual. She’s grateful to share this practice with others so that self-awareness, connection, healing and bliss that’s gained, may ripple out into the world.

Rosalina’s Bio:

Rosalina began offering sound baths in 2020, a passion of hers that she enjoys sharing in community. The sound baths she offers invite people to deeply feel into the internal; body, heart, mind and spirit, in present moments. An experience to connect with the self within community. A soothing sound bath experience of peace, love, and harmony. She shares her work on IG @ahmorosa.unidad, feel free to check that out. :)




MISSION STATEMENT: PsychedeLiA Integration is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides education, community, and support for those seeking mindful and safe ways to work with psychedelics for healing, growth, and spiritual awakening in a nurturing environment. We welcome people from all communities, backgrounds, and financial means.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed throughout our events and presentations are those of the speakers and are not necessarily shared nor endorsed by our organization. We do not encourage or condone the purchase, sale, transfer, or use of any illegal substances; nor partaking in any unlawful activities. Please do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or share information on how to acquire them. Should anyone approach you and violate this disclaimer, please remind them of the etiquette and inform us. Psychedelia Integration is not liable for actions in violation of these guidelines that are out of our control. Thank you for respecting our community space.


EMAIL: [email protected]

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Boheme Yoga, 731 S Spring Street, Los Angeles, United States


USD 66.00 to USD 88.00

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