Blacklash: Moments to Movements

Sat Oct 08 2022 at 05:30 pm

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (UK) | Birmingham

Blacklash: Moments to Movements
‘Moments to Movements’ – Exhibition Reception & Public Rally
Saturday 8th October 2022, 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
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In the 1960s the first generation of migrants from the former empire, invited here to work in low-paid, unskilled and often dangerous jobs formed organisations and alliances to resist state and street racism and secure equal rights for themselves and the next generation. By the ‘80s the next generation had to do the same against the rise of far-right fascists and state racism, out of which grew slogans like “Self Defence – No Offence” and “No Justice - No Peace”. Central to the anti-racist anti-fascist movements of the late 70s and 80s was the growth and resilience of the Asian Youth Movements and Black Liberation Front who were at the forefront of defending Brixton, Brick Lane, Colin Roach and the Bradford 12, amongst others.
The pivotal role played by the Asian Youth Movements in pushing back the fascists, defending their communities and streets is now captured in a major new exhibition ‘Blacklash”. Drawing on the hitherto unseen extensive archive of original photographs, drawings, screen prints, posters, campaign videos, and political ephemera of Mukhtar Dar, an activist, artist and archivist “Blacklash” is a ground-breaking multi-disciplinary exhibition taking the audience to the heart of the struggle, during which there were moments of exemplary solidarity and unity between Asian and African Caribbean peoples - Black (Kala) became the colour of the common fight against racism and colonialism with self-defence becoming a necessary backlash against the onslaught of racist violence.
Mukhtar as a founding member of the Sheffield Asian Youth Movement, Manchester Black Peoples Alliance and later joining the Birmingham Youth Movement, and then the Pakistani Workers Association became the unofficial artist of the largest grassroots anti-racist movement in the history of the UK’s South Asian communities.
As part of the Blacklash engagement programme, the public reception and rally ‘Moments to Movements’ will serve as a reunion of activists from the 80s. It will bring together local and national speakers to connect the struggles of the past to those of today and commemorate the passing of the great activist Anwar Ditta (1953-2021). Starting with an exhibition drinks reception, the programme will include spoken word poetry, music and personal testimony and analysis which will enlighten, inspire and strengthen our resolve to continue the fight against racism and neo-liberalism.
Speakers: Colin Prescod (Filmmaker & Activist), Tariq Mehmood (Writer & Activist), Ruth Bundey (Lawyer), Mukhtar Dar (Artist & Activist), Suresh Grover (Activist), Lisa Robinson (BLM), Bharti Patel (Actress), Maxine Johnson (Spokenword Artist), Raj Pal (Curator).
“Blacklash” is curated by Mukhtar Dar & Raj Pal.

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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (UK), Chamberlain Square,Birmingham, United Kingdom, Birmingham, United Kingdom


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