Big Dyke Energy 010

Sat Oct 01 2022 at 11:00 pm to Sun Oct 02 2022 at 06:00 am

Venue MOT Unit 18 | London

Big Dyke Energy
Publisher/HostBig Dyke Energy
Big Dyke Energy 010
No rules queer rave
About this Event

Big Dyke Energy’s purpose is to create a dance floor and a community where we can explore being authentically ourselves. The party was born out of a realisation that SE London lacked spaces for queer women, non-binary, intersex and trans+ people to harness hedonism and freedom of expression.

We believe in intentional dance floors, driven by respect, kindness, consent and a removal of ego. We have a zero tolerance policy to bigotry, discrimination and harassment, including racism, transphobia, homophobia, fat-phobia, sexism, ageism and ableism.

This space is for us to feel free. Don’t respect this? Don’t buy a ticket.

Door policy:

Our open door policy has changed. Big Dyke Energy is for queer women, non-binary, intersex and trans+ people, or anyone who is exploring their identity within that umbrella. That’s why we’re asking anyone who is not from this community, and who is attending with friends, to recognise that they are coming from a position of privilege and are a guest in our space.

We now require any ally attending Big Dyke Energy to pay more for their ticket. We will be selling a very limited amount of these tickets per party and the money raised will help fund a taxi pot that will contribute to the cost of travelling home for more marginalised members of our community including BIPOC, trans+ and disabled attendees. We will be establishing a system for people to apply for the subsidy in the coming weeks.

We will be running a ‘don’t ask’ policy on the door and we ask everyone to pay accordingly to how they identify.

Safer space:

We don’t like rules. But some rules are necessary to create a safer dance floor.

We have a zero tolerance policy to bigotry, harassment and violence of any kind. If you experience or witness harassment or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, please inform one of our badge wearers and they will deal with the person or group instigating this.

Do not deliberately touch anyone without consent. We know our raves can get busy, but please do not push or force anybody out of the way. Kindness is a core principle of our party.

Do not assume anybody’s gender or sexuality At every rave, we provide pronoun stickers at the entrance to those who feel comfortable in publicly sharing these. Please respect everyone and how they want to be addressed.

We want to create parties that are inclusive and diverse. We do not tolerate racism, ableism and fat phobia and if you are reported for any of these, you will be removed from the party and banned from all of our events.

Stay hydrated. Know your limits. Be kind.

We do not accept any refunds through Eventbrite. If you'd like to resell your ticket, please do this through Tixel.

If you can no longer attend the event, you can:

- You can add it to a resale for free through our resale partner Tixel

- You can also change the name on your ticket for free through Eventbrite

Just login to your eventbrite account and you can automatically do this

If you have a low/no income, please contact us for reduced price community tickets.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Venue MOT Unit 18, Surrey Canal Road, London, United Kingdom


GBP 5.00 to GBP 20.00

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