Beneath the Brambles: A Traditional Witchcraft Primer

Sun Nov 05 2023 at 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Draconis Arcanum | Nashville

Draconis Arcanum
Publisher/HostDraconis Arcanum
Beneath the Brambles: A Traditional Witchcraft Primer
Crooked Crossroads Society presents an introduction to Traditional Witchcraft. Explore concepts and rituals found in this path.
About this Event

Have you ever wondered if there’s another path within the realm of Witchery, perhaps hidden away, covered in brambles, deep within the recesses of the occult — where a Man in Black awaits to introduce you to primitive, crooked yet more direct approach to witchcraft?

Wonder no more. Join Stephanie from the Crooked Crossroads Society on Sunday, November 5 (Guy Fawkes Day), from 4:00-6:00 PM at Draconis Arcanum to learn more about the basics of Traditional Witchcraft (Trad Craft).

During this FREE workshop, Stephanie will answer some questions of the most mysterious questions surrounding the foundational practices of Trad Craft:

* How does Trad Craft differ from Wicca?

* Why do Trad Crafters work counter-clockwise?

* What does it mean to lay a compass?

* Who/what do Trad Crafters worship and who is the Man in Black?

* What is a Red Meal?

* Who is Robert Cochrane?

* What kind of magic do Trad Crafters practice and what about rituals?

* And more…

Attendees will also be invited to participate in one of the Crooked Crossroads Society’s real, private Trad Craft-based rituals.

Every effort will be made to include everyone who comes to the event, but if we have a large number in attendance, only an RSVP will guarantee attendance. While this event is FREE, donations for the event space and supplies are appreciated.

About your presenter: Stephanie Reed is a 7th generation Nashville native and the founder of the Crooked Crossroads Society, the oldest continuously running coven in Nashville. She’s practiced her collective craft, Primitive Witchery, for over 30 years and has taught classes on American Folk Magic for over half of that time. Stephanie reads tea leaves, weather omens, people, & several types of cards, and her passion is working with plant allies to curate teas, ointments, & tinctures for use in her workings and homeopathy (like flying ointments and Fire Cider).

Stephanie founded the Crooked Crossroads Society, a Primitive Witchery coven practicing American Traditional & Folkloric Witchcraft, in 2006.


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Draconis Arcanum, 214 East Trinity Lane, Nashville, United States


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