Battle of The Bands - Halloween Edition!

Mon Oct 30 2023 at 07:00 pm to 10:30 pm

San Antonio Firefighters Banquet Hall | San Antonio

Alamo City Swing Revival
Publisher/HostAlamo City Swing Revival
Battle of The Bands - Halloween Edition! For the first time ever, we at Alamo City Swing Revival are hosting our very own ?????? ?? ??? ?????!

For a long time, we have been wanting to host our very own Battle of The Bands event, but only until recently did it become more and more of a possibility. Because of you, our community, and how much you all have given us to be able to host each week, we've now raised a big enough budget to give you all a night to remember! And what better time to do it than for Halloween?!
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Who are the bands you ask?? We will be having 2 bands out of Austin Texas. ??? ?????? ????? ?????? & ??????? ????!
The Waller Creek Vipers have played for us numerous times and they always deliver a solid performance. Their history with us is a big reason why we picked this band to be featured. Vic Celania started off as a swing dancer, but his love for music and to the scene drove him to form his own band to give back to the community he loves so much. We're truly excited to have them!
Vintage Ties are another high energy band out of Austin Texas. A few of our board members drove down to Austin to see them live at Austin Swing Syndicate. Needless to say, they loved their performance. In fact, Vintage Ties are booked for their own night next month in August! Our community will have a chance to hear them before they join us in October for the big night.
??????? ?
We most definitely expect this night to be one of, if not, our biggest night of the year. Because of this, we are going to be repainting the parking lot slots, adding some additional parking in the back behind the Fire House, and offer carpool groups. After adding the additional parking slots, we now have a little over 115 slots. Our board members, band members & volunteers will be parking in the back to make more room for our attendees in the front.
We have also been informed by the SA Firefighters Association that we are allowed to park on Tioga Dr which is the very next street just past the Fire House.
????? ?????? ?
While we normally have 2-3 lessons, this night will be the only exception out of the month. We will only have one single East Coast Lesson as we will need as many volunteers & board members on deck to help run the night.
7:00pm - 7:55pm
???? ????? 1 - ??????? ?????????? & ????? ????
??????? ????? ?
You already know the deal. It's Halloween, it's spooky time and it's ghosts & ghouls time! Come dressed up in your best Halloween costume, cosplay or outfit! It's that time of the year and we are celebrating it to the fullest! Details are currently being worked on for a possible costume contest so stay tuned!
??????? ?
We welcome everyone to bring your favorite snacks, foods, drinks & goodies to contribute to our potluck! With a night as big as this one, we expect a lot of hungry folks. Because of this, we are adding 2 additional tables to our normal set up. We will be moving our sign-in desk to the entry hall way. The back corners of the main room will have our food tables.
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Per our contract with The Firefighters Association, we are still allowing everyone to bring 2 canned drinks of alcohol. Please remember this is PER PERSON. No glass bottled drinks. We cannot stress this enough.
????? ????? ?
Please remember that we as an organization have an obligation to maintain a set of rules which we've established with the SA Firefighters Association. Throughout our time at the SAPFFA we've never had any major discrepancies or violations so lets keep it that way! We must remind everyone that we have the right to escort anyone out of the hall for violation of any of our rules below.
- No glass bottled drinks
- No stilettos, steel toed boots or heels
- No stunts or running
- No harassment of any kind
- No discrimination of any kind
- No littering
- No soliciting


Event Venue

San Antonio Firefighters Banquet Hall, San Antonio, United States

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