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BASEMENT Bowl & Skate At The Miami Beach EDITION | Miami Beach

The Miami Beach EDITION
Publisher/HostThe Miami Beach EDITION
A neon collaboration for the ages. BASEMENT Miami & Yellow Pop join forces to bring you an immersive experience. Join the celebration
About this Event

Unveiling a Symphony of Love. In its splendidly diverse forms is a melody that grows richer with every passing moment. Yellowpop is thrilled to introduce "Say It in Light - Love Notes by Yellowpop," a campaign that celebrates the whimsical, heartfelt, and enduring journey of love. With our neon signs, each note of affection is not just spoken but radiantly displayed, bringing a fun, playful, and quirky spirit to every message of love.

BASEMENT Miami invites you to a night of celebration as we cheers & dance to our collabortion with Yellow Pop.

Join us, Thursday, February 15th - 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM.

Entry is complimentary.

RSVP does not gaurentee entry.

First come first serve.

21+ ONLY.

Neon light imersive experince on view from:

Monday, February 11th through Saturday, February 17th.

Learn more below:

A Dance of Flames and Whispers Imagine the early whispers of love, where every glance is electric, and every touch sets the heart ablaze. Our neon signs in this melody sing of that vibrant dance - a fiery tango of passion, where love is fresh, fervent, and boldly illuminated in bright, playful colors.

The Cozy Rhythm of Familiar Love As the tune progresses, it finds a sweet, comfortable rhythm. It's the soft hum in a long drive, the gentle cadence of shared laughter over a cup of coffee. Our neon creations here are like love notes passed under the table; they're cute, a bit cheesy, but oh, so heartwarming - reflecting the joy of a love that's found its cozy, quirky groove

Harmonies of Long-Term Togetherness Further down the road, love becomes a rich harmony of shared memories and experiences. It's in the knowing smiles exchanged across a room, the gentle teasing over forgotten chores, the shared nostalgia of years gone by. Here, our neon signs take a playful, humorous turn, illuminating the sarcasm and wit of knowing someone so deeply

The Grand Symphony of Lifelong Love And for those remarkable symphonies that have spanned lifetimes, our neon signs stand as a testament to their enduring glow. These signs are crafted for loves that have weathered storms and basked in countless sunrises - loves that have turned from fiery passion to warm embers of deep, unwavering companionship. They resonate with respect, admiration, and a deep sense of awe, celebrating a journey that's nothing short of miraculous.

Light Up Your Love Note With "Say It in Light - Love Notes by Yellowpop," we invite you to be the composer of your love story. Let's turn those whispered sweet nothings, those shared inside jokes, those deep declarations of lifelong commitment, into glowing neon art. Engage with us, get excited, and create a love note unique to your own love story. Light up your affection, light up your world, with Yellowpop.

Custom LED Neon Sign & Artists Collabs⎪YELLOWPOP

By attending, you agree to give us permission to upload photography/recorded videos for promotional purposes.

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BASEMENT Bowl & Skate At The Miami Beach EDITION, 2901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, United States


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