AYURVEDA DIY Cooking & Body Care Half Day Workshop with Krist’l

Tue Aug 23 2022 at 10:30 am to 03:30 pm

Lotus Wellness Bangkok | Bangkok

Ayurveda Yoga Bodywork with Krist'l
Publisher/HostAyurveda Yoga Bodywork with Krist'l
AYURVEDA DIY Cooking & Body Care Half Day Workshop with Krist\u2019l AYURVEDA DIY Cooking & Body Care Half Day Workshop with Krist’l
Lotus Wellness Bangkok, Pitak Court, 43 Soi Atthakan Prasit, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
You are welcome to join any of these dates below, the content for the half day workshop is the same.
• Saturday 10.30 am-3.30 pm on 30 July, 27 August, 17 September, 15 October, 19 November, 3 December 2022
• Tuesday 10.30 am-3.30 pm on 23 August, 20 September, 18 October 2022
• Wednesday 10.30 am-3.30 pm on 23 November 2022
A sarong, bikini, big towel and your favourite body oil.
4,500 THB includes printed handouts, documents shared on WhatsApp, kitcheree dish ingredients, chai tea, DIY herbal ball to take home, use of the steam tent.
Exploring natural solutions for long life health and happiness with Ayurveda food and lifestyle!
The natural solutions allow us to balance our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health with knowledge/experience from ancient traditions Ayurveda and Yoga, with a modern touch.
In this half day workshop we cook a detox kitcharee meal and explore nourishing body practices and daily routines backed up with Ayurveda theory background.
The half day workshop is are open to women and men and strongly recommended for conceiving and pregnant moms. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.
More in detail:
• Maintain with our unique body type in balanced health with food and lifestyle
• Insights on Ayurvedic principles: 7 tissues (Dhatus), 3 waste products (Malas), digestive fire (Agni), toxic waste (Ama), immunity (Ojas)
• Pacify vata, pacify pitta, pacify kapha with the right food and lifestyle
• Cook a basic detox lunch Kitchari
• Chai tea herbs
• Create our unique daily routine plan, dinacharya
• Seasonal routines
• Circadian rhythm
• Prepare the herbs for the steam tent and herbal balls
• Enjoy abhyanga (oil self massage)
• Enjoy the herbal steam tent
This half day workshop is the follow up workshop of 2 hours Introduction to Ayurveda & my body type workshop (see dates on www.kristldhaene.com/events/) which takes places in Singha Complex once a month.
Prior to this current half day workshop you are welcome to join THE WALK: Explore Traditional Thai &Indian Spices. We source the ingredients: food ingredients at an Indian food shop and traditional herbs for steam and herbal balls at Pak Klong Talat in Bangkok. The walk is about 2 days before this workshop., see www.kristldhaene.com/events/
Please book and pay with Lotus Wellness at latest 24 hrs before the workshop. Registration closes 24 hrs before the workshop. Limited places. The workshop takes place with minimum 3 people signing up.
Krist’l D’haene is a Belgian holistic midwife/doula, biodynamic craniosacral and massage therapist, yoga and Ayurveda practitioner/educator, essential oils lover and mom of a young man born in Bangkok in 2002. Based in South East Asia since 1996 and currently in Bangkok, her passion is supporting women and men with a conscious approach to food, lifestyle, movement and wellbeing. She also holistically supports pregnant and postpartum moms, babies and partners with child birth education, pre and postnatal water and floor yoga, doula at birth and traditional Thai and Ayurvedic postpartum services.

Event Venue

Lotus Wellness Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

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