Avatar: The Last Resistance - Game 1 - Water

Fri Oct 08 2021 at 07:00 pm to Sun Oct 10 2021 at 12:00 pm

1331 Huia Road | Auckland

Avatar: The Last Resistance - Game 1 - Water
A LARP based in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender
About this Event

“Greetings Residents and Visitors to our lovely town of Zhengfu!

You are no doubt as excited as we are, to be hosting, competing, and enjoying the revelries that will be coming with our most excellent first annual Bending Tournament!

Do not forget to purchase your passes to the events and to sign up for the tournament if you fancy yourself a mighty and formidable champion!

The marvelous Governor Hongdai has not only ensured that Zhengfu is the safest port on the coast, and any rumors of unrest completely false, but has also offered an exciting addition to the grand prize to be announced the night before the tournament!

-Molan Dao, Tournament Producer”


Illness: If you are unable to attend due to illness, your player spot will be held and game fee will be put forward to a future event.

Other Reasons: We will refund a portion of your fees at our discretion based on circumstances and notice time.

Transferal: Tickets are transferable conditional on Game Master approval. The Game Masters must be informed of any transfers so we have an accurate record of who is attending.

Participation Refusal: If the A:TLR GM team decides to refuse you participation prior to game (see below), your ticket costs will be refunded in full. More information on our Expectations of our participants can be found in our Expectations document.


This LARP event is a hobby event run by a volunteer team, for fun. We strive to be inclusive, however, want to stress that no one has an automatic right to attend these events. We reserve the right to refuse your participation in this event for any reason including but not limited to: - Behaviour at other events (including online) that contravenes the NZLARPS Code of Conduct, and/or causes other participants unease, discomfort or alarm.

- Behaviour at other events (including online) that leads us to believe that you will not behave in line with our community and artistic values, including negative game play style, bullying or trolling, unsafe combat or role playing practices, or any other behaviour we deem detrimental to the project.

- Bringing the game or larp community into disrepute.

- Lack of communication.

- Discriminatory behaviour.

- If we cannot reach a compromise on creative differences.

- Annoying us, or other players so much that we don't want to spend any more time on you. If you actively make this not fun, we will not want you there.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

1331 Huia Road, 1331 Huia Road, Auckland, New Zealand


NZD 40.00 to NZD 150.00

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