Astrology for Beginners Class "Planetary Aspects"

Mon Apr 22 2024 at 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm

Collective Energy Studio | Fountain Valley

Patricia Rogers, Astrologer
Publisher/HostPatricia Rogers, Astrologer
Astrology for Beginners Class "Planetary Aspects"

Learn to read your chart to know where the Planets, Moon and Moon Nodes are in your natal horoscope.

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Understanding your astrology chart is an enjoyable and never-ending learning experience. “Astrology for Beginners” classes are designed to help you decipher all the symbols, lines and numbers to become “second nature” for you to read! More than that, you will discover aspects of yourself that are often overlooked and just waiting to be embraced, activated, and developed to their fullest potential!

 Classes will provide handouts and homework exercises on the Aspects in your natal Astrology Chart!

Students will be encouraged to practice reading their charts in class to demonstrate and develop their unique abilities to interpret their own astrology chart.

 What to bring: Copy of your natal astrology chart. If you don’t have a natal chart, Patricia will provide in time for class! (if registered by 12:00 pm, Monday, April 88).Highlights of what you will learn:

• Definition of major aspects and impact(s) in your chart.

• Orbs – when do influences of aspects “begin and end”?

• How difficult aspects are the most helpful in personal growth

• How helpful aspects are often ignored

"I believe you will enjoy the many visuals, handouts and homework exercises provided in this fast-paced 1-1/2-hour class! If you are not satisfied with your experience, I will refund your class registration fees!* -Patricia Rogers, Astrologer

*(Class refunds exclude Eventbrite processing charges, and must be requested via e-mail by midnight April 8, 2024 to [email protected])

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Patricia has been an astrologer for over 40 years, and is the author of Relationships, Compatibility and Astrology.

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Collective Energy Studio, 9055 Garfield, Fountain Valley, United States


USD 25.00 to USD 30.00

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