Asana Lab: Forward bends (Titibasana)

Sat Oct 21 2023 at 01:00 pm

Tula Bos en Lommer, Bos en Lommerplein 175, Amsterdam | Amsterdam

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Asana Lab: Forward bends (Titibasana)


Are you excited about certain poses, but not sure on how to practice them in a safe way? Are you sometimes struggling in class, and do you feel that there is not much time to explore your favourite pose? It is true that regular yoga classes are too short with not enough time to dive deeper into certain poses. That is why Tula has designed Asana Labs!

We will break down various yoga poses to help you find personal alignment, so you can practice these poses in a safe and enjoyable way. We will focus on the mechanics and on how to get in and out of poses. Next time you are in class and cued into a pose, you can effortlessly flow into them ;-)


Dive into the world of introspection and surrender as you explore the profound benefits of folding forward. Led by experienced teacher Kim Terpstra, this workshop welcomes practitioners of all levels, from those just beginning to those looking to refine their practice. Through expert guidance, you'll learn to gracefully meld movement with breath, fostering deeper stretches, enhanced flexibility, and a calmer mind. Discover the therapeutic qualities of forward bends as you release tension, stimulate circulation, and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

In this workshop, we will work towards the peak pose Titibasana :-)


The Asana Labs are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners that wish to dive deeper into the mechanics of a specific pose. We will break down every pose and practice each step to get there. If you have an injury or are pregnant, please let us know so we adjust, and you can practice in a safe way.


We will start with some theory to give you a better understanding on the anatomy and yoga. Each asana lab will focus on how to approach a certain asana safely and properly. We will be using props and exploring modifications which allow you to modify poses to our needs. The journey is much more important than achieving the pose itself, so let’s have fun!


After each Asana Lab, you will know and understand how to practice certain asanas safely and in your own time at home. You will be able to break and modify poses where needed.


At a young age I went to the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. After several years I had to stop dancing because of injuries, went to the Art Academy and developed a career as a Graphic and Textile designer.�As I had epilepsy from the age of fourteen, which was getting worse along the years, I kind of locked myself up at home as much as possible at a certain moment in my life. I didn’t get any physical activity. After a long path of medical research there was the possibility to have a brain surgery to solve the epilepsy. The epilepsy disappeared, but after the surgery I was in a bad physical and mental shape.�My passion for dance and movement never disappeared though and after the surgery and years only working from a desk, I started to miss the physical practices desperately. I started to look around and ended up in a yoga practice by coincidence when I walked around on a grey and cloudy morning. From that first class on I fell in love with yoga and it changed my life completely.�Yoga became part of my daily life right away and I practiced a lot of styles with many amazing teachers. To deepen my own practice I completed a Vinyasa Teacher Training and started to share my practice with others. In my classes I focus on awareness of the body, mind and breath, on alignment, technique and the magic of the movement.

If you listen carefully to yourself, yoga always gives you exactly what you need. Yoga is my way of life!


All Asana Labs are taught in English.


Date: Saturday 21 October 2023

Time: 15:00-16:30 hrs

Location: Tula Bos & Lommer


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Tula Bos en Lommer, Bos en Lommerplein 175, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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