No Pants Light Rail Ride 2024

Sun Jan 14 2024 at 12:00 pm

Walter Studios | Phoenix

Michael Maurer
Publisher/HostMichael Maurer
No Pants Light Rail Ride 2024
Welcome back No Pants Light Rail riders! I am glad to co host this event with Improv AZ. This is a body positive event. We want everyone that attends to feel comfortable and welcomed. We will be introducing a donation to the event. When you take your pants off at the station, bring them with you to donate to St Vincent De Paul. You may also donate other clothing items as well obviously. St Vincent De Paul will be redistributed the clothes to those in need.
Media will be at the event. I ask that all media that attends also engage. Meaning if you are there to take photos, you will also be pantless.
Dawn your best attire, get fun with it! Participants will meet at their designated rail stations. Either west or east side meet-up. You will board the light rail at 19th Ave and Dunlap for the West Side location. East Side location is Country Club and Main Street. You will meet there at 12pm sharp. 12:10pm everyone will depants. You will all board the next light rail that arrives and take the train down to Roosevelt and Central Ave.
It's imperative to act like nothing is different. That it's a regular day and going pantless is the norm. Convince others to go pantless.
Once we all meet at Roosevelt and Central Ave light rail station we will group walk together to 7th Ave and Roosevelt where we will be hosted by Walter Studios for a social gathering, pictures, drinks, and food.
Best idea is to have a 2nd vehicle already at Walter Studios. Or store your pants in a backpack and ride the lightrail back with pants on of course.
As for outfit choice, I recommend a sewed boxer set for men or double up. This is not a nudist event in the least and indecent exposure is still a real thing. I will not hesitate to have anyone not following the rules removed or reported to police. This is not the event for it and I'm not the guy to try and push.
1: Meet-up at 12pm at either Westside or Eastside location (19th Ave and Dunlap or Country Club and Main)
2: 12:10pm Depants, and prepare to board the next light rail that arrives (12:25pm Westside train arrival and 12:15pm Eastside train arrival)
3: Arrive at Roosevelt and Central Station and wait for the full group to arrive (Westside arrival 1:00pm, Eastside arrival 1:03pm)
4: Group walk to Walter Studios for a social party, food and drinks.

Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Walter Studios, 834 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2309, United States,Phoenix, Arizona

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