Angelic Reiki ~ Level 1 & 2 Personal & Practitioner Training (Women only)

Fri Dec 03 2021 at 06:00 pm to Sun Dec 05 2021 at 07:00 pm UTC+13:00

Heartspace, Titirangi, Auckland NZ. | Auckland

Jessica Dawson: Teacher & Healer
Publisher/HostJessica Dawson: Teacher & Healer
Angelic Reiki ~ Level 1 & 2 Personal & Practitioner Training (Women only) This Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training is for those who wish to learn Angelic Reiki healing, to awaken or expand their innate healing and channelling capacities, or add another dimension to their existing therapies and modalities.
You will learn how to give Angelic Reiki healing to yourself and others, the essentials of working with Angelic frequencies and healing energy, and how to manage and protect your energy as a healing practitioner.
By the end of the weekend you will be a Certified Level 1 & 2 Angelic Reiki Practitioner.
Even if you are not interested in offering Angelic Reiki as a healing therapy, this course will be very beneficial in supporting your own spiritual and personal growth.
✨ What is Angelic Reiki?
Angelic Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing modality in which the practitioner acts as a bridge or "channel" for high vibrational healing energies to flow through them into the recipient and the world around them.
These high frequency transmissions work to release physical, mental, emotional, ancestral and karmic patterns and imbalances which have accumulated over time, and may now be causing pain, distress or life challenges, or are simply holding the individual back from reaching their highest potential.
As these energies are cleared, the individual becomes free to operate in greater harmony, peace and fulfilment in their own life and with the world around them.
In order to become an effective conduit for this healing energy you will receive a number of cleansings and attunements throughout the training which will raise your overall vibration, assist you to let go of old attachments and belief systems no longer serving your highest good, and prepare your physical, mental and emotional bodies to "hold" these new frequencies. These attunements result in positive physical change at the DNA, cellular and molecular level, and work to activate your light body.
✨ How is Angelic Reiki different to other forms of Reiki?
Angelic Reiki differs from Usui and Shamballa Reiki, where attunements are carried out by the teacher, human-to-human. With Angelic Reiki, the attunements are done by the Angelic Kingdom of Light and given to each individual by their own healing Angel, so there is no limitation upon what you can receive other than your own readiness and willingness to do so.
✨ What can Angelic Reiki help with?
- Clearing negative thoughts and beliefs limiting you in your life
- Releasing stored emotions and trauma energy
- Physical pain and health conditions
- Renewing and revitalizing the physical body at the cellular, molecular and DNA levels
- Clarity and resolution around difficult life situations
- Increased connection to your intuition, angels and spirit guides
- Activating latent (ancient) healing knowledge, and unique soul gifts and talents
- Increased feelings of unconditional love, support, calm and peace with the world.
✨ This course is life changing.
As you give and receive healing, you simultaneously upgrade your own physical, emotional and mental bodies, initiating the necessary inner shifts and changes that strengthen and empower you to direct your life as you choose. The old is replaced with a down-pouring of high frequency Soul energy that reawakens dormant aspects of your consciousness and helps you feel more whole, happy, healthy and vital. In many cases people recall and reawaken latent Soul gifts and talents, and gain greater clarity on their life purpose as a result of attending the course.
✨ The course includes:
- An introduction to the nature of Angelic energy
- Methodologies to clear and ground your own energy
- Two Angelic Reiki Cleansings and Attunements
- Six aspects of the Angelic Reiki healing methodology, including self and distant healing
- Four hands-on healing exchanges (give and receive for a total of 8 healing transmissions over the course of the weekend)
- An Archangelic initiation and blessing
- Cleansing and tuning of crystals
- A master crystal, manual and certificate.
✨ What others have to say...
"The Angelic Reiki workshop with you Jessica, couldn’t have come at the most perfect time in my life. Firstly as a facilitator you opened space to allow what we as individuals needed to experience to come through in a very safe loving mystical way, the tools I learnt and still learning to implement WORK, honestly I’ve tried so much and this just works. It’s so practical simple and doable with a busy life, this has entered at the right time in my life so thank you " - Katrina C.
"I was lucky enough to get into Jessica’s first Angelic Reiki course at Kawai Purapura. Going in, I was not expecting to experience such love, and connection with the group and the angels as I did. I also didn’t think I would come out being able to perform such impactful healings, both for myself and others. I am truly blessed for this life changing 2 days. Thank you for giving me the courage on to help me believe I could do it. I feel so happy that I can help someone in such a pure and intimate way, it is so beautiful. Sending lots of love and gratitude to you. I’m really glad we crossed paths. You’re an amazing teacher ️️️" - Georgie B.
✨ About vour Facilitator:
Jessica Dawson is an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Multidimensional Healer, and Activator of Soul Potential. Her work focuses on supporting others to anchor and nurture the New Light & Wisdom that is required to build a New Paradigm on Earth and move humanity into a new age of joy, co-creation and advancement for all beings.
Jessica is passionate about supporting those with a call to heal themselves and this planet to reconnect with their Soul's innate truth of unconditional love, reclaim their Soul's unique gifts, talents, abilities and wisdom, and live their Soul's authentic purpose and mission for this lifetime with love, passion, ease and abundance!
You can find out more about Jessica here:
✨ Course Details:
The investment for the training and certification is $677 NZD. A non-refundable deposit of $177 NZD is required to reserve your place.
Payment plans are available - neither the Angels nor I wish for you to miss this opportunity due to financial constraints. If this is the case for you, please contact me directly to discuss a plan that works for you.
The venue is Heartspace, 158 Woodlands Park Rd, Titirangi, Auckland.
Herbal tea and some snacks will be provided as part of the training. You will be required to bring your own lunch and any additional extras you might like. There are some cafes a 5-8 minute drive from the venue which could be accessed for lunch.
Sorry men, this one's just for women.
✨ Training Dates:
Friday 3rd December – 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Saturday 4th December – 9.00am – 6.30pm
Sunday 5th December – 9.00am – 7.00pm (latest)
Angelic Reiki Level 1 enables you to work with Angelic Frequencies to heal and empower yourself, others, and animals. By completing both Angelic Reiki Levels 1 & 2, you become a Certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner which means you can charge money for your healings.
Whether you intend to offer Angelic Reiki as a healing therapy or not, simply participating in this weekend will act as a huge boon to your path of personal and spiritual growth and expansion, and will rapidly accelerate your ascension journey.
If you have already attended an Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 training and would like a refresher or to simply be in the energy again, you are welcome to attend the training again. The cost for this is $377 NZD for the weekend. Please contact me directly to arrange.
To reserve your place, please follow the ticket link or click here:
*Please note: This training will only go ahead under Level 2 restrictions or less, where the Auckland borders are open.
In the case of the event being unable to go ahead, it will be rescheduled in the first instance. If you are unable to make the new date your payment will be fully refunded, deposit included.
✨ Pre-requisites:
No previous experience of Reiki, Energy Healing, or other healing modalities is required to attend this training.
Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 is an excellent starting point for beginners wanting to learn to channel energy, it is also a powerful therapy for energy healing practitioners already trained in traditional Reiki or other modalities looking to update and expand their offerings.
You may feel called to begin receiving Angelic Reiki healing for yourself in the weeks leading up to the course. This starts the high-frequency Angelic energy running through you and begins the cleansing process before training. Please contact me if you would like to book a one on one healing with me via Zoom. The cost of these healings is $144 per hour.
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
With love,
Jessica ✨
Jessica Dawson
Activator of Soul & Business Potential

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Heartspace, Titirangi, Auckland NZ., Auckland, New Zealand


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