"Meet Yourself" - Self-Discovery & Deep Networking [Brand SPA Workshop]

Sat Apr 27 2024 at 02:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Das Baumhaus | Berlin

Aleksandra Lewtak
Publisher/HostAleksandra Lewtak
"Meet Yourself" - Self-Discovery & Deep Networking [Brand SPA Workshop]
Highly interactive workshop towards self-discovery through connecting with yourself and others. Amazin opportunity to meet many cool people!
About this Event

Welcome to Brand SPA, a workshop format, which welcomes the ideas for your professional growth coming from your higher self. We want to tap into your highest creative potential and we will have a lot of fun doing it! ?

This event is like a game & you can win a lot. The coin is called: connection! Connect with yourself to get insights, ideas, solutions. Connect with others to get friends, collaborators or clients.

What’s the deal?

A. TICKET. The easiest way to join the event is to buy a ticket.

B. TESTIMONIAL. It’s possible to get a discounted or a free ticket by spending a bit time on writing. We want to know a bit more about you before the workshop and after the workshop - we want to get your feedback and testimonial.

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For whom is the experience?

For anyone interested in growing professionally by the means of brand development and by networking with other professionals eg.:

  • founders
  • leaders
  • entrepreneurs
  • creatives
  • artists
  • educators
  • healers

What you will get?

There are two ways to benefit from this event and you can either do both or choose one.

A. Connecting with yourself

  • deeper understanding of your own business purpose
  • ideas on how to use this knowledge in strengthening your brand
  • more clarity in the areas of your professional path that you feel stuck at
  • more confidence in talking about who you are, what you do, and why you do it

B. Connecting with others

  • new, meaningful, authentic connections with people from Berlin
  • opportunity to find this one person that would elevate your game

What will you experience?

1. First thing to do when you come: get briefed by Alex (5 - 15 min.)

2. Then you get tasks:
- to work with yourself & some questions; bring your notebook!
- to work with others and talk to them based on instructions

3. You are welcome to stay and join:
- Baumhaus Community Kitchen and Buffet
- their special sharing round called News You Can Use
- Flow Meditation by Scott, founder of Baumhaus


  • 14.00 - Door Open - Join any time you want! The earlier you come, the more value you get ?
  • Bonus! Any time possible - with enough people we will do a short guided relaxation… ?
  • 18.00 - Community Kitchen - you are welcome to volunteer and help prepare food! ?
  • 20.00 - Community Buffet Opening - you are welcome to join the table (Donation based) ?
  • 21.00 - News You Can Use - you are welcome to give a short intro, invite others to join your project or or tell everyone what you need ?
  • 21.45 - Flow Meditation - by Scott Bolden - pay as you feel (8-20€) ?


After previous events organised by Prebranding attendies said this:

“I got new perspectives coming from a new approach to branding, from reflecting on myself and from sharing with others.”
Scott - sustainable solutions designer

"All the complications turned out to be just a product of my mind..."
Radek, engineer & entrepreneur

"I would search for such meetups to attendt them."
Nawwar, software house, managing director

"Alex has a method to bring human touch in business interactions."
Shona, artist, designer, startup founder

"Excercises were very deep - almost like psychoanalysis."
Stoyan, entrepreneur

"People want to find new people to connect and Alex made it happen."
The event let everyone expand.” Georgios, painter & entrepreneur

“The atmosphere made it possible to bring out true development. I got a deeper understanding what I can change inside to have less resistance to reach my goals.”
Sarah, senior marketing manager

“I got a lot of courage. The questions were very helpful to talk with strangers about what’s inside me. Smooth communication and caring guidance by Alex made it a very beautiful experience!”
Zeynep, artist

“I really enjoyed the deep questions to start conversations as they let us dive deep straight away.”
Lucille, artist

“I was impressed by how the commonality with self discovery journey of others was humb ling and empowering at the same time.”
Ash, monetization manager

Questions? [email protected]

? Your Facilitator: Alex Lion Yes!

Alex is a soulpreneur (an entrepreneur with spiritual backround), passionate about regenerative economy and radical collaboration. She developed a branding process, called Prebranding, which reconnects entrepreneurs with their soulful purpose and thus has a quality of infusing brands with more authenticity, meaning, trust or ethics. It happens naturally when deeper values give narratives for much better brand stories.

Business solutions discovered in this process are as original as our highest creative potential and have potential to develop into real game-changers. What's worth mentioning, this process gives a totally new and quite high wave for the team as they are all invited to be cocreators of the new pathways. Thanks to the loads of internal buy-in from the start, everyone is hyped about the common future together.

To share this approach with the world she proposes a series of event formats called CoCreation, to amplify the empathy of entrepreneurial hubs through deepened connection - with oneself and each other. Brand SPA is one of the flagship formats of this campaign.

? Your Host: Baumbhaus

Baumhaus is a flexible urban space that is used by a broad and growing interdisciplinary community dedicated to making the world a more sustainable place.

Our activities, space and work embody, inspire, catalyse and upscale societal transformation towards a regeneratively sustainable future.

Baumhaus exists as a platform and hub for meaningful engagement to develop, support and implement sustainable solutions. The space is manifested as an organically styled indoor tree house; a direct metaphor for radical collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders.

We support our local community and clients with regular networking events and practical experiences as well as a wide range of sustainable design services ranging from the design of material goods to the development and implementation of systems.

Contact us to see if we can help you with your next step towards sustainability.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Das Baumhaus, Gerichtstraße 23, Berlin, Germany


EUR 16.00

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