Ancestral Activation Ceremony

Sat Mar 04 2023 at 05:30 pm to 08:30 pm

Prana Space | London

Ancestral Activation Ceremony
Tapping into the ancestral realm to Heal/Release the pain within our bloodline. Accessing, Activating& remembering the Ancestral Joy &gifts
About this Event

A 3hr portal, where we will be journeying to the ancestral realm. To Access and Activate dormant memories. We will be acknowledging the pain we hold within our own energetic body that has been passed down. Bringing awareness to the unconscious energies and how this plays out in our life. We will also access the dormant memories of our ancestors rich history. Our history did not begin with suffering. And within this history there is ancestral JOY, success, health, wealth and rich spiritual gifts that are waiting to be accessed and remembered. 

The experience:

During the Ancestral Activation Ceremony, we will begin with an opening circle and recieving a third eye opening Kemetic Blue Lotus Tea with the option to also have Plant Healing with it. I will guide you through an Ancestral Fire Release Ceremony. You will then journey to the Ancestral Realm. I will begin with a sound journey, which allows you to reach a deep meditative state. Moving into ancestral vocal toning along side shamanic drumming, which reaches beyond the veil and allows the Ancestors to reveal themselves & the individual wisdom for each person. We will close with a Sharing Circle. 

(The plant healing is optional but included with no extra cost, i will email you more details about the specific plant ).

About Blue Lotus:

Egyptian Blue Lotus is a very sacred plant spirit that was utilised by our Ancient Kemetic ancestors for its Spiritual Metaphysical properties. The spirit of this plant, supports us in tapping into and recieving the ancient codes and wisdom that it & our ancestors hold. The vibrant Blue Lotus Plant supports us inconnecting to the Divine, inducing higher states of being and consciousness. Combined with the optional plant healing, which heightens our sensitivty to the energetic realms and opens up the higher gateways.

An investment that will ripple through your life:

You will leave this ceremony energetically lighter, with a rememberance of your own innate power that has always been within. Your energy field and awareness will be more attuned to the ancestral realm, which will allow them to show up more tangibly in your life. During the ceremony, you will learn a fire release ceremony practiced by our ancestors, that you can use at home. You will also get to connect with other likeminded sisters who are on a similar journey to you. There is so much you will experience here, that truly goes beyond words. 

****This event is for people who are Black, Brown (& mixed descent)*****

Why spaces like this are important:

Our ancestors experiences live in the fabric of our essence. These experiences are embedded within our DNA. The healing, the activating and remembering we are doing.. this will be embedded in the DNA of our future generations to come. 

There is alot of pain that you have had to carry & endure, because you are the cycle breaker. But that which we carry, becomes heavier and heavier until we realise.. we no longer need to carry it. But rather transform it into gold. All the anger, the grief, the sadness, the despair, the suffering, the trauma.. the depression that has been passed down out bloodline. Our ancestors are walking with us as we transform it into gold. 

What to bring:

Yoga Mats, pillows and blankets are provided. Please bring water, a pen and journal if you have one & something to cover your eyes during the Sound Journey. Bring any ancestral item that is significant to you, that you would like to place and charge on the altar. 


Accessiblity - there are stairs in the building to get to the space, about 20 steps. 

Lateness - please arrive on time. If you are more than 5 MINUTES late you will not be able to come in as we would have started the opening circle. (the entrance door has to be locked for security reasons) no exceptions or refunds. I can transfer your space though (at my discretion). 

Please inform me via email, if you have are pregnant or If you take meditation that effects MAOI or SSRI receptors such as anti depressants. 

I only hold this ceremony 3x a year as we go very deep. Spring, Summer & Autumn. If you feel called to attend but finances are an issue, message me and you can pay in 2. 


Prana Space, 1 windmill Ln, E15 1PG

Is a 5 minute walk from Stratford Station or Maryland station.

 Entrance is a large brown door, with a small flyer that says Prana Space. If the door is on the latch, come in and come upstairs to the space. If it is locked, someone will come down and let you in. 

IG: @TakeYourSoulAndElope

Please note: ticket is nonrefundable but transferrable. 

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Prana Space, 1 Windmill Lane, London, United Kingdom


GBP 53.00

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