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Rebellion Manchester | Manchester

AMPLIFIED 2022 Following the CoVid global pandemic that has affected so many lives and indeed the live music scene over the last couple of years Amplified returns with a new set up and an awesome line up featuring some of the best acts from around the UK.
Scheduled over 3 days and keeping to the events original ethos of supporting grassroots music as well as supporting independent live music venues AMPLIFIED 2022's third event of the weekend will take place at the globally renowned Rebellion, Manchester featuring...
Renowned for their visceral and 'reckless' live shows, abandoning all concern for their personal safety and clambering around whilst all in the name of having a great time these guys are a band always seeking to go above and beyond for their hugely loyal and rabid fanbase and we can't wait to welcome them here to headline Amplified 2022!
"Chilling and superior" Nick Cave
With pressings of their visceral Goth-western debut album 'Welcome To Silvertown' and the follow-up EP 'The Family Strange' both selling out they have since released 'Vampire' on their own DIY 'Death Or Glory Gang' label.
Consisting of four original songs and two covers – a scorching rendition of Nine Inch Nails' 'Wish' and a primal take on Grinderman’s 'No Pussy Blues' that was praised by Nick Cave himself – it presents the most confident and grotesque vision of Saint Agnes’ world to date. Not only are Vampire’s songs exhilarating and breathless, hostile and provocative, but the band have also included five ‘psalms’ that punctuate the music – interludes of creepy sound effects and snippets of dialogue and samples that round out the experience of what SAINT AGNES truly is.
"Saint Agnes have created a unique cinematic sound and a rock 'n' roll Gothic image to match" Daily Telegraph
Listen to 'Repent' here

They've opened the Download Festival Main Stage and have have sold out their own headline shows across the UK and Europe whilst recently touring support slots with the likes of Skindred and Monster Magnet. And alongside their rebellious punk ferocity stadium-ready rock shows they've clocked up over 7 million streams on Spotify with their music being featured on Prime TV’s smash series Hanna, CBS’ Tommy and soon to be featured on the CW’s reboot of The Professionals.
Misfits, outcasts, outsiders…Whatever you want to call them, SAINT AGNES have always lived on the fringes of society and with Kitty, one of the most fearless, fearsome and exciting frontwomen around this band is about more than just making music. It’s a 'feeling'. It’s a way of life. It’s about finding a sense of purpose and meaning in an increasingly bleak world, about finding your place by being yourself, not by trying to fit in with everybody else.
“Revelling in the idea that freaky is better, they’re a face-painted, Uma-Thurman-in-Pulp-Fiction-stanning blur of noisy nu-metally bounce”
One of the UK’s most exciting new talents, VEXED join us as Special Guests.
This crushing Hertfordshire foursome combine aggressive groove mixed with ominous threads of progressive atmosphere on their long-awaited debut album, 'Culling Culture'.
Facing very personal experiences, the album is a tribute to hate, betrayal and anger, whilst also reflecting post-modern society with strikingly honest song writing and heavy groove. Anger can either destroy you or provide real strength, and VEXED prove the latter as they will surely command your attention as they take to the stage!
Listen to 'Elite' (feat Thy Art Is Murder's CJ McMahon) here:
and get their fearsomely heavy debut 'Culling Culture' OUT NOW on Napalm Records!
"This is a very special debut. So keep your eyes and ears on Vexed because, if everything aligns just right, they could be set to explode". Kerrang! Magazine
CHUGGABOOM are quite simply 'The Greatest Metalcore Band on Earth'.
And certainly not shy of controversy, ChuggaBoom have managed to remain a mystery behind the masks since their conception whilst occasionally firing off at big corporations. They released a parody covers album called “Now That’s What I Call Deathcore” theming the artwork on the infamous brands series of compilation albums. Sony fired a cease & desist at the band and removed the album off all platforms. The band cited the Parody Law of ‘Fair Use,’ tweaked the cover and title and reuploaded the album. True to form, they followed up with the diss track ‘Phony’ aimed directly at Sony.
With the support of their dedicated Chuggalo community they’ve clocked 5m+ Spotify streams and 1.25m views on their YouTube channel.

MONASTERIES a 5 Piece Tech Deathcore band hailing from here in Manchester are ferocious, aggressive, and have a high energy stage presence to match.

The 6 piece Electronic Nu-core band from Portsmouth that is SEETHING AKIRA have just recorded their third album and will be joining us just after their performance on The Takeover Stage at Download Festival.

ASLEEP AT THE HELM are a Metalcore quintet hailing from here in Manchester.

DEFECTS (Feat. Tony Maue from The Raven Age) are here breathing fresh life into modern Heavy Metal, their songs feature viciously executed riffs with relentless earth shaking grooves, all intertwined with visceral, melodic choruses that are drenched in soul and heartache.

COLOSSEUMS are here with tracks off their debut EP 'Chaleur'.
Blackened death metal is brought to you from the guys that are THIS IS TURIN from Cheshire.

OVERTHRONE head here from Birmingham with their brutal metalcore.

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And stay tuned for when we announce the Headline Act on Friday the 22nd April!

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Rebellion Manchester, 2B Whitworth Street West, Manchester, United Kingdom


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