Alternative Budapest: Portugal

Sun Jul 25 2021 at 01:30 pm UTC+02:00

Elte Trefortkert belső utak | Szekesfehervar

Alternative Budapest: Portugal Discover Portuguese community in Budapest! Join us for a fun quest, quiz, walk in the city and learn where Portuguese ex-pats go to feel closer to home.
We will meet on Sunday, July 25th, and open the world of Portuguese culture to all of our international community. Besides games and walks, we will have interesting discussions and for sure a lot of fun!
We all know Budapest as an international city, it is no longer a surprise to hear different languages on a tram or hang out in a park with friends from all over the world.
However, for so many of us, there is a community behind that helps us feel at home while abroad. Budapest can turn to Warsaw, or Rome, or Tbilisi, and we will try to discover it with you through the eyes of international communities living here.
For every culture, we will have an interactive map, tours&walks, cooking workshops, quests, and much more. The project is very open, if you are interested in sharing your own culture, please don't hesitate to text us!
The event is donation-based. Each donation helps us to improve our work and make even more interesting events.
About the venue:
MiraDoor is the community that Open Doors Hungary and Mira Intercultural Community are running together to allow people in Budapest to meet and learn from each other.
Check our Facebook pages to keep updated on all of our programs and events!

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Elte Trefortkert belső utak, Szekesfehervar, Hungary

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