Advanced Design Sprint Facilitation - Berlin

Thu Sep 28 2023 at 09:00 am to Fri Sep 29 2023 at 05:00 pm UTC+02:00

To be announced :) | Berlin

Design Sprint Academy
Publisher/HostDesign Sprint Academy
Advanced Design Sprint Facilitation - Berlin
A 2-day training that equips future Design Sprint Facilitators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead sprint teams to results.
About this Event

Can you imagine someone teaching you how to ski while sitting comfortably on your couch? Pretty impossible. You can only become a great skier is by sliding down the mountain. Design Sprint facilitation is skill-based, and it requires practice. One cannot become an expert overnight.

We believe in experiential learning and so do our alumni students. Here's what they have to say about it:

This training is for you if you already acquired the theoretical knowledge, meaning: you've read the Sprint book, you've watched an online course, you've joined a Design Sprint intro workshop, you've attended or even organised a design sprint or two. Now, you want to take your innovation skills to the next level and gain more confidence in the way you facilitate this framework.

In this experiential learning journey, you'll learn how to:
  • Onboard and engage your sprint team
  • Guide the sprint team through all 6 phases of a sprint
  • Manage difficult situations and personality types (i.e. skeptics, debaters, time-wasters, power-driven, or rebels)

Additional benefits:
  • Muscle up your mediation skills to help manage difficult group dynamics
  • Increase your influential skills by keeping team members focused on critical discussions
  • Get feedback from seasoned Design Sprint Facilitators during a simulated design sprint run by you

Key topics
  • Design sprint planning
  • Design sprint ground rules & mindset
  • Nonverbal & para-verbal communication
  • Knowing what questions to ask
  • Emotion management
  • Conflict management
  • Participation encouragement
  • Decision making, focus & plan of action

The Curriculum
The Facilitator Role

Understanding of the Design Sprint Facilitator’s role and activities, from groundwork and preparation to facilitation and synthesizing of the sprint outcomes.

Team Effectiveness

What makes an effective team and how to unleash creative confidence.

Facilitation Practice

Develop skills by practicing facilitation. Participants will step into the Facilitator’s shoes and guide the team through the design sprint exercises.

Facilitation Skill's Assessment

Participants will get actionable feedback from their peers and trainers. Opportunity to incorporate this feedback moving forward.

Personality Types

How to create a safe space for different personality types and ensure effective team collaboration.

Difficult Group Dynamics

How to identify critical moments in the team’s dynamic and overcome deviations, conflicts and lack of engagement.

Proactive and Reactive Strategies

Define proactive and reactive strategies to help people feel comfortable trying new things, reduce the fear of failure and boost creative confidence.

The learning experience

A two-day advanced facilitation practice where future design sprint facilitators practice their newly gained skills in supervised simulations.

  • Bite-sized learning
  • Hands-on practice
  • Debrief sessions and lessons learned
  • Role play and peer-to-peer reviews

Event Photos
Your instructors

John Vetan - Innovation Strategist, Facilitator, and Co-founder of DSA

John is an entrepreneur and digital enthusiast with over 20 years of experience. He believes that innovation should not be just another buzzword but something that every organization should attain and instill in their DNA.

Currently, as founder and strategist at the Design Sprint Academy, John is helping organizations around the world use and adopt Design Sprints as an effective way to innovate and find a better way to work.

Dana Vetan - Head or Training and Co-founder DSA

Dana is the co-founder and Head of Training at the Design Sprint Academy who teaches business leaders from global organizations how to solve problems through Design Sprints. By combining the experience from hundreds of sprints, with her natural empathy and a background in Psychology, Dana has created a unique approach to training future Facilitators by helping them overcome common biases and pitfalls, boost their confidence and play to their strengths.

?Bonus #1?FREE ? Design Sprint Master Certification

Bolster your resume through our certification exams!

Participants of Advanced Facilitation can choose to take our certification exams to test their knowledge and gain credentials they’ll carry forever.

Event Photos
?Bonus #2?FREE In-person Facilitation KIT

From theory to practice, you will receive the resources and playbooks to run design sprints at your organization today (and years in the future).

  • 400+ Presentation Slides
  • Daily Agendas & Phase-By-Phase Checklists
  • 70+ Template Slides to build the Replay Report

Event Photos
?Bonus #3?-50% OFF - Remote Sprint KIT

The fail-proof way to take your design sprint online!


Can I pay by invoice?

Yes. Please email us at [email protected] your company details, and we will issue an invoice.

Are the tickets transferable?

Yes. If you need to request a ticket transfer, please email [email protected]. But! All requests must be made 72 hours before the event.

What is your cancelation policy?

Due to the limited number of seats in this workshop, we want to ensure that no one misses the opportunity to participate. For a full refund, we kindly ask you to cancel 30 days prior to the event. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

Should I come as an individual or as a team?

Both individuals and company teams are encouraged to attend. But just to clarify, you don’t get to be a loner at the workshop. Individuals will work together with a team of people from different companies. This workshop will be valuable for both individuals and groups.

Are there any team discounts?

Yes, there are team discounts. Please email at [email protected] if more people from your company want to join a session.

Will there be refreshments and lunch?

Yes, refreshments and lunch are included.

What is the difference between Design Sprint and the Advanced Facilitation Training?

In the Design Sprint, you will learn the Design Sprint process and experience all of the phases of the Design Sprint as part of a team, starting from an initial challenge through ideating, storyboarding, prototyping, and testing.

In Advanced Design Sprint Facilitation, you will learn facilitation techniques and principles. You will facilitate different exercises from a design sprint in a safe environment and receive feedback from peers and expert trainers.

Is the Remote Sprint KIT included?

No, but you'll get a 50% discount as our alumni.

Is the Advanced Design Sprint Facilitation training part of a bundle?

The Advanced Design Sprint Facilitation training is part of the Design Sprint Master Certification Program, which additionally has the Design Sprint 3.0 training and the Problem Framing training. When you sign up for all three, there is a 10% discount.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

To be announced :), Berlin, Germany


EUR 1500.00

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