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Wed Jun 16 2021 at 11:00 am to Sat Jun 19 2021 at 05:00 pm

Dubai | Dubai

Access Consciousness\u00ae - The Foundation “Polarity is not the best recipe for a generative creation. Choosing based on right and wrong, dwelling in separation, having too many definitions is what creates limitations and judgments for us.”
Do you wish to free yourself from limitations and find new possibilities in life? Awareness is key.
The Foundation Class – the second class in Access Consciousness® – will give you hundreds of tools to change your points of view and become conscious of what your reality could be like. Four days that will change the way you look at life forever. Is it time for you to start living your life your way?
People often tend to figure out the way to success. However, they forget to inject the element of awareness. Awareness and the art of manipulating the energy that is presenting at the moment are what takes the spaceship of YOU off the ground of this reality.
The Foundation helps build that unique platform that gives one ease with the creation and having access to the power that you truly are.
How much fun can you have creating with these tools/system?

“What can I expect from the class?”
The possibility of real change, which will benefit everything from your health to your daily life and your business. You will learn how to function from a more conscious, relaxed space and see reality in a more joyful light.
Hundreds of easily learned tools, including hands-on energetic body processes, which allow you to change anything that isn’t working for you in life.
Increased capacity to focus on what’s relevant, instead of the opposite.
A 150 page manual, including these tools that you can use as a guide to consciousness, new points of view and positive change. This will benefit everything from relationships to your business and your body.
Huge amounts of fun, joy, laughter, and aha-experiences!
Everything can change. Anything is possible. The question is, will you choose it?

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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