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Audio Foundation
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A ROOM THAT ECHOES (FINAL DAY) The Audio Foundation presents a festival of immersive music, surround sound and deep listening. Through quadraphonic, octaphonic and dodecaphonic sound systems, portable speakers, massive analogue synthesiser arrays, multiple radios and more – the festival promises unique technological listening experiences from a lineup of extraordinary international and local performers and composers. 29 July – 1 August 2021.

More info & full programme:
- The Observatory Project (Eamon Edmundsen-Wells & Ziggy Lever)
- Kristian Larsen Bluetooth Orchestra
- Colin Woods
- Andrew McMillan
- Malcolm Riddoch

Sunday 1 August @ Old Folks Association (Gundry Street), doors open 2pm
$20 at the door
The Observatory Project is a collaborative project which observes and engages the ways in which scientists and artists operate. The project is headed by Ziggy Lever and Eamon Edmundson-Wells, exploring and expanding the idea of the observatory as a site that contextualises perceptions.
Converting data into sound as an interpretive tool is a current trend in scientific data analysis to provide an alternative perspective to visual representation. We are interested in the subjective nature of this process, and how this can be manipulated to serve the politics of individuals and institutions. Using installation we designate spaces within galleries and observatories as institutions in and of themselves, with their own sovereignty and politics. These produce physical and temporal experiences that poetically explore and critique the structures they emulate.
Scheduled between 2pm and 6pm on Sunday 1st August 2021, the Observatory Project working with the Generally Relative Acoustic Mass Sense Society (GRAMSS) to conduct a public observation. Utilising the new Adaptable Sound Interferometry Equipment (A SINE), members of the observatory will carry out an experiment seeking to not-measure the effect/affect/no-effect of mass on a field of elastic sound over a 30-40 minute time frame.

Colin James Woods is an Irish born freelance artist and sonic practitioner based in Port Waikato, (Aotearoa/ New Zealand). Colin was born in Belfast (N.Ireland) and first came to Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2002. He was previously guitarist with Irish punk band Music For Deaf (not the later US band of the same name) and participant in UK/Ireland based Allotropes experimental collective. His interests include experimental music (both composed and improvised), site specific installations, video, song writing, performance, and composition for conventional solo instruments and ensembles. He has been a regular participant in the Auckland improv collective Vitamin S and is one half of the duo Toy Triptech (with Rohan Evans, owner of the iconic Wine Cellar venue). His work featured in his solo exhibition It’s for You at the Audio Foundation (Auckland) in November 2017.

A dedicated improviser on saxophone and laptop computer, Drew has also worked in composition and sound design.
Andrew has experience in the New Zealand music and performing arts as an improviser, composer, musician and sound artist. He has combined his commitment to improvised music, theatre and sound art and design with ongoing studies in composition.
Andrews music and sound has led to opportunities to work with Pacific music and instruments, electronics, in dance projects, theatre, film, and for big bands, orchestra, large and small improvised ensembles, interdisciplinary improvisation, art installations and interactive technologies.

Malcolm Riddoch’s sonic arts practice melds experimental electroacoustic technique with phenomenological method: An investigation of acousmatic listening and electronic transformation of soundscapes; notions of indeterminacy in composition for installation and performance; the use of whole acoustic spaces in installation and music performance; and electroacoustic feedback as an embodied, intentional, temporalizing process. His medium is non-tonal, timbrally focused and technologically organised sound with themes of dissolution

Kristian Larsen is an Auckland based artist working in choreography and sound via improvisation. Coming from an exhaustive background in contemporary dance performance, Larsen's artistic interests lie currently in live collaboration, sonic experimentation & spatialisation, naivete, acousmatic and electronic sound, technical skill coupled with non-comprehension, and the poetics of decay and delay in bodily movement. Larsen is currently on a doctoral scholarship at University of Auckland researching movement and sound in performance.

Organs, Organ and Organs
More info: http://www.audiofoundation.org.nz/programmes/live-events/a-room-that-echoes-05

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Auckland Old Folks Association, 8 Gundry Street, Auckland, New Zealand 1010, Auckland, New Zealand


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