A Relateful New Year's Eve, Austin TX Immersion

Fri Dec 30 2022 at 10:00 am to Sun Jan 01 2023 at 06:00 pm

Austin Circling Studio | Austin

A Relateful New Year's Eve, Austin TX Immersion
Three days of getting wild and sane, waking up to love to see how everything, absolutely everything is the same radiant emptiness and marveling in the utter uniqueness of embodying more virtue in each moment of our daily lives. Led by Jordan Myska Allen.

You can expect:
• Fun—this description is very mystical sounding because I Jordan have fun letting this side of me out. We'll remove the blocks to love's presence and integrate your fun, and the sides of you that you haven't yet learned how to fully include in your relating, from body-intelligence to emotional range to intuitive skills to professional mavenry who knows what!
• Focus Circles—we just may Circle everyone, depends on numbers and interest—but we'll definitely do a boatload of Circling.
• Flow Sessions—Extended surfings of the waves of interconnected consciousness... as we deepen together over the course of the weekend we'll discover how creativity-as-the-nature-of-being is unveiling something new in our unique collective, and let its unfolding ripen us
• Ecstatic state changes—sober trips that sound exotic and impractical from the outside but from the inside are the most obvious and the most deeply useful space to relate as... let's create the neuro-pathways so these awakened states are more readily accessible in our most challenging, triggered, and intimate moments.
• Practices—boundaries while staying whole-heartedly connected, working with intensity, recognizing and relating as awareness, etc
• Practical Applications (for those who want them)—We're aimed at truth and love, but I'm deeply motivated by anyone who wants to bring these relateful ways of being into their workplace, family, friendships, and more, to get more and more elegant in their relating. Some of you are just going to come because you love the practice, and that's TOTALLY welcome too. We don't need to get anyway, and as you probably know from experience, choosing to get nowhere tends to be the best way to get somewhere good!
With love and excitement,

This workshop is open to anyone. Although you may wish to familiarize yourself with the practice if you're a first timer by going to some sessions, your perspective will be invaluable in the group knowing itself and seeing it's collective and individual blindspots.
This is the first "open to the public" immersion I've lead in almost 18 months, so I'm great excited! We'll have a great time being together, and most likely improve your flexibility while facilitating your own circles.
December 30th-Jan 1st—We’ll start at 10a each morning and go until 6 pm (with a lunch break in there).
Registration: $595 https://www.circleanywhere.com/offers/BgFY6zLz

"Make this year different by making it all the same” - A Course in Miracles

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Austin Circling Studio, Austin, United States


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