A practical workshop on how to start using your own inate psychic ability

Fri Dec 08 2023 at 12:00 pm to 02:30 pm

Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 10,Berlin,10407,DE | Berlin

Sunita Wardhan Medium & Healer
Publisher/HostSunita Wardhan Medium & Healer
A practical workshop on how to start using your own inate psychic ability
Ever wondered how people have psychic abilities? The truth is that we all do! Learning to tap into and use this is a real life superpower.
With 12 years of teaching experience Sunita brings her knowledge of teaching and faciliatation to explain and get people to tap into their intuition and begin to channel messages from the Universe. We start with a practical explanation of the concepts of various forms of consciousness, explaining how you are inherently connected to an everflowing source of divine intelligence and wisdom. We then get you to do exercises to figure out what kind of psychic ability is most you. It's very exciting and we have a lovely location to practice in (Greenfinch, in Prenzlauerberg).
What others have said about this workshop:
"I attended a workshop of Sunita's about intuition and channeling. The way she explained everything was so accessible and visual, which really allowed me to understand concepts I never was able to grasp before. She is gentle and empowering, and I definitely recommend her sessions for anyone interested in learning more about intuition and the divine consciousness!"

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Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 10,Berlin,10407,DE, Germany


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