A Halloween Story - Electronic Academy - Orlando Warehouse (EDM Fest)

Sat Oct 28 2023 at 05:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Orlando Amphitheater | Warehouse | Orlando

Quantum - Heights
Publisher/HostQuantum - Heights
A Halloween Story - Electronic Academy  - Orlando Warehouse (EDM Fest)

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What is A Halloween Story?

Over the past several years, Grimoire Academy has been developing the ultimate, themed festival experience for Halloween lovers. With variations in themes, keeping a general "witchy" theme, Grimoire has embarked on a journey of creating dark and spooky events with DJs, Costumes, Fashion, some celebrities, and unique, high-love environments focused on peace, love, and happiness.

Why does it matter?

Halloween has always been one of the most special times of year from the Grimoire team, running themed events has been something that has been the whole brand and the costumes that come a long with it are so valued and beloved. Nobody wants to have a boring Halloween (and trust us, it happens more than you think). We've seen a multitude of variations this event, from a fair-style event to a full-blown music festival (The Dark Witch 2021): with over 50+ vendors, tarot readers, and celebrities, like Erik Bloomquist (award-winning director), Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre II), Alice Kremelberg (Orange is the new Black) and popular Actor and Artist, Colby Boothman.

How does this event differ?

A Halloween story is thoroughly inspired by immersive cinematographic environments and classic festivals like Woodstock which focused on comparative kindness experiences (peace, love, happiness). While still hitting EDM as a focal point and driving home original festival-style events, the corporation, still building, is focused on a production that caters to the community and the general empowerment of pure happiness and joy at events rather than A-listers and bottle-service/VIP-based concepts. It brings in a refreshing, new, and enlightened demographic with an openness to fashion, cross-cultural empathy, and widespread backgrounds, sexualities, and pop-cultural interests.

If you're in search of a music festival this Halloween and you're considering Florida or Orlando, this enriching festival, hosted by Grimoire Academy LLC and Quantum Morphology (EDM) is a hot take: with cheaper ticket options, a strong social community that calls for respect and care for one another, and events focused on costume/fashion, and nerdy pop-culture topics or spooky embrace.

Live your Lovecraft, but wait, there's more...

Our press release this year still calls for something else about Quantum EDM: although the corporation is young, and acknowledges a rather difficult time for people in the economic sphere, the production teams are working around the clock to try to keep costs as low as possible for attendees, despite the taxing costs of events and festivals. Quantum has been upregulating a grass-roots movement. The company has not solicited any funds from sponsors (although seeking these), incubators, investors, or banks; it is the true walking state of an organic, community production (And one that brings the whole village together). It is that Grimoire/Quantum is becoming a significant festival company that reminds us about genuine, historical events focused on "experience and the whole community" rather than the mainstream image of A-list talents and video walls. With this said, it does imbue a type of thinking that was set in motion by events like Woodstock, a true inspiration for Quantum EDM and Grimoire Academy.

Get your tickets today, the event comes soon: www.quantumedm.com

Learn more about Grimoire Academy on facebook: www.facebook.com/grimoireacademy


A Halloween Story

Electronic Academy - EDM Fest

Orlando Warehouse

Oct. 28th, 2023

(18+) ?????☕️????


Witch Academy Themed ✏️?

Entertainment | Music | Dance | Fashion

Earlybirds are soldout ?

Tickets are selling out fast. Please reserve in advance - no tickets at the door.

Checkout with afterpay and payoff tickets over 4 weeks.


??Quantum Morphology EDM & Grimoire Academy presents, a regional electronic music festival! This is A Halloween Story ? themed around the fiction and Tall Tales of the Grimoire Mythos - For all you Weebs, Witches & the "University" or School for Festival Loving Ravers, Witchy Friends, Fashion and Cosplay Lovers, House-Heads, Bass and Techno Lovers, DnB feels, and Spooky Friends. We're bringing festival lovers together for a positive experience filled with "Dark University" themes/costumes and local/regional DJs. Dance with us. Open to ALL Humans+. (This is an electronic music festival/concert). Our brand is a grassroots, original company with all local and regional talent, (in and outdoor): Ticket value goes into building a unique community that shall grow eternally.

Fashion/Costume Suggestions (optional): Halloween outfits and fashion, University for adult witches costumes, monsters, and spooky feelings, ghosts, psychics, professors of the dark arts or herbology, wizards, schoolgirl/schoolboy, casual cheerleaders, sporty-jocks, and total nerds - EDM outfits, electronic neon styles of orange, purple, or reds (or just general festival/EDM attire) - make it cute, ravers! (**no offensive outfits, please).

Our flyers may be a bit cute, silly, & whimsical but our events pack one hell of punch: see our teaser here: Quantum EDM


Kindness: Grimoire and Quantum Events are about dance, culture, fashion, and friendship - be yourself, live in the moment, and enjoy spaces where social resources are at your fingertips. This is your space to be you. Let your hair out and thrive at every event. If you cannot be kind to others or open-minded to other's backgrounds, cultural differences, sexual orientations, or attire, please just stay home (not kidding).

⚡ Genres (EDM): Our Internal and local DJs will be presenting House, Tech House, EDM, Bass, Dubstep & Riddim, DnB, Big Room, Techno, & other Quantum Vibes.

A Halloween Story (Theme): The great thing about the Quantum Night Fests is that they start a little earlier & host a thematic vibe where you can let your inspiration run wild. Our Electronic Academy is themed on the University of Folklore, Witchcraft, & Horror - so put your hottest Lovecraftian or Eldrich outfit together and meet us on the dance floor.

Maestro (Bus): Class is in session, don't forget to catch the Wicked school bus - Maestro - on-site, making sure all of our students get mouth-watering Bass just before your next electronic lecture ?✏️ Outside of the Grimoire University?

? Love Science: Our festivals are about building strong and kind communities where everyone is just nice to each other and respects boundaries. Our goals are to create safe and fantasy-focused events with amazing people where all are accepted. Build the Quantum Haven - dance with love & Stay Sci-Fi ??????

Box Office Info: As of right now, we're aiming to have no tickets at the door (no will call or cash/box office on-site) - please purchase online! Use the cart ? in the right-hand corner to access your ticket order.

?‍⬛ Experience: our festivals are sold for experiences, to represent artists, and to bring together an absolutely unique community with collaborative ravers, regional DJs, and much more. Costume and Fashion are a hallmark of this brand. If you're a total nerd, love to dress up, or just enjoy being a part of an immersive world of dance themes, this event is for you. Live your truth, we are.

⌛ Age: this event is 18+, but there is no age cap for our events. Even if you're no longer in your 20s or 30s, please, do not feel scared to attend. Our events are open to all who love experiences and fun. Grimoire has always been about community, costume, friendship, and pop-culture. You're never too old to have fun!

? On-site: a full beer garden, other entertainment, and a Haunted House (separate entry fee) by Tales of Terror - an unforgettable horror experience for true Halloween lovers: if you dare ?

? Please bring your totems...we love them.


--- Rules & Information ---

-Please purchase online (no will call or cash/box office on-site) Use the cart ? in the right-hand corner to access your ticket order. -All ticket sales are final, but if you cannot make it, we can reserve your credit for a future event.

-No weapons (cosplay items ok) / No Outside food and beverages / No Drugs or Illegal Substances / Totems ARE allowed by Quantum EDM, but please check with Royale if you have any concerns as they may have different entry requirements, PLEASE DO NOT BRING OFFENSIVE TOTEMS

*Hate speech or any harassment/Political aggression of any kind against anyone of any race, class, gender, orientation, etc., will get you removed. All backgrounds, cultures, and sexual orientations, should feel at home here! always LGBTQIA+

-Photography/Videography Agreement - your purchase of a ticket is your direct consent to be filmed/photographed at our events - photos/videos may be used for branding, social media, and marketing purposes.

Event Venue

Orlando Amphitheater | Warehouse, 4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, United States


USD 21.67

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