9D Breath work journey "Stress & Anxiety" - South Melbourne

Sun Jun 23 2024 at 04:30 pm to 06:00 pm

l1/216 York St - Melbourne Myotherapy | South Melbourne

The Breath Code - Bryce
Publisher/HostThe Breath Code - Bryce
9D Breath work journey "Stress & Anxiety" - South Melbourne
Experience the transformative power of breath in our immersive 9D Breathwork group sessions. www.thebreathcode.com.au
About this Event

The 9D Down Regulation Journey for Stress & Anxiety: is a transformative breathwork experience designed for individuals battling stress and anxiety, including beginners and those seeking gentle integration after intensive somatic practices. It offers a comprehensive escape into tranquility, using a blend of deep belly breathing, coherent breathing, box breathing, and the 4:2:6 method, along with an energising infinity breathing technique. This journey promotes calm, centeredness, clarity, and serenity, enabling participants to release stress, achieve mental clarity, and cultivate a serene and balanced state of being. Common outcomes include profound relief from overwhelm, dissolution of mental and physical tensions, cultivation of calm and clarity, enhanced mental poise, and a revitalised sense of peace and well-being, laying a foundation for continued mental wellness and resilience.

Experience the extraordinary potential of your breath with our immersive 9D audio journey. This unique experience blends a diverse array of music, sounds, and frequencies meticulously crafted to access the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions, and rewire the brain.

Unveil the profound benefits of 9D Breathwork, where breakthroughs and mindset shifts are not just experienced but embraced. A single 9D journey holds the potential for more impactful results than multiple one-on-one therapy sessions. Immediate, lasting transformations may include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Trauma release without verbalising or reliving it
  • Management of grief, depression, anxiety, and other limiting conditions
  • Enhanced focus, concentration, and energy levels
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Emotional resilience
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reignited zest for life

Whether you're a breathwork novice or seasoned practitioner, this session warmly welcomes all levels of experience. Come as you are, with an open mind and a willingness to explore the transformative power of your breath.

Policy:Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will not be refunded. This policy ensures efficient event planning and execution. We appreciate your understanding.

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The Nine Dimensions of 9D:

  1. Multi-dimensional Sound Experience: Dive into a world of various frequencies and tones meticulously designed for an immersive auditory journey.
  2. Somatic Breathwork: Harness the power of conscious breath control and awareness, utilizing the body's physical sensations and movements to release emotions and trauma.
  3. Guided Vocal Coaching: Receive expert verbal instructions and cues guiding you through the breathwork practice for a personalized experience.
  4. Solfeggio Frequencies: Immerse yourself in a melodious spectrum of sound frequencies known to enhance various aspects of wellbeing.
  5. 432Hz Harmonic Tuning: Experience the calming and harmonious effects of this specific musical pitch on your body and mind.
  6. Binaural Beats: Delight in the calming harmony created by this musical pitch, promoting a serene state of being.
  7. Isochoric Brainwave Tones: Induce states of relaxation, focus, and altered consciousness with these therapeutic tones.
  8. Subliminal Hypnotic Messages: Encounter messages presented at a subconscious level, influencing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
  9. Bioacoustic Sound Affects: Sounds produced by living organisms, creating a truly immersive auditory experience.

Contraindications:Please note you can still attend if you have any of the following conditions; just inform us so we can ensure your safety and discuss any necessary additional protocols.· Cardiovascular problems· Abnormally high blood pressure· Chronic respiratory conditions· History of aneurysms, epilepsy, or seizures· Heavy Medications· Severe asthma (for mild or moderate please bring your inhaler)· Severe mental illness· Psychosis, paranoia or bipolar· Osteoporosis· Glaucoma· Recent Surgery· Currently pregnantEvent Refund Policy:Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will not be refunded. This policy ensures efficient event planning and execution. We appreciate your understanding.

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l1/216 York St - Melbourne Myotherapy, 216 York Street, South Melbourne, Australia


AUD 50.00 to AUD 70.00

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