8th National English Carnival

Thu May 23 2024 at 08:00 am to Sat May 25 2024 at 06:00 pm

Notre Dame College, Dhaka | Dhaka

Notre Dame English Club
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8th National English Carnival
Greetings, Language Enthusiasts!

Gear up for an electrifying journey as the Notre Dame English Club unveils the country’s most highly anticipated event, the '8th National English Carnival 2024'. Here Notre Dame English Club honours the esteemed literary legacy of luminaries like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, while promoting English proficiency. As Shakespeare once declared, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." This carnival promises to be a stage where the English language sparkles brilliantly, captivating audiences with its power and beauty.

The carnival kicks off on May 23, 2024 at the Notre Dame College premises. Over three thrilling days, participants will engage in 15 exciting events divided into three groups. The carnival concludes with a splendid closing ceremony set on the sunny afternoon of May 25, 2024.
The deadline for registration: 19 May 2024 The 3 groups eligible for participation:
Group 'S' - Class 8, 9, 10
Group 'C' - Class 11-12 & HSC-23
Group 'U' - Honors 1st -4th year
Registration Fee: 3 events - BDT 150/-
5 events - BDT 200/-
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1)English Olympiad
English is not only a language but also an enriched literature. So,get ready to go on a journey where mastery of the English language and literary process improves a magnificent display of skill and knowledge. Our prestigious competition is based on a thrilling written assignment meticulously crafted to test your command of vocabulary, literature, and grammar. By participating, you will discover yourself in the vibrant tapestry of English expression, where each word is a brushstroke painting the canvas of your linguistic journey. So, prepare yourself spontaneously for a thrilling adventure where every word penned and every sentence crafted propels you closer to excellence.
This segment is open for all categories. A written round will be conducted.
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2) Spell Master
The Spell Master competition is mainly a linguistic competition where students go through a majestic journey to refine their English language skills, expand their vocabulary, and update their spelling power. Prepare to show off your spelling power as you face off against fellow spell masters in a competition like no other!
Why is proper spelling so critical? It is a very frequent question. Because within each correct spelling lies the outstanding power of communicating effectively and expressing oneself with precision. The ability to spell correctly is not just a skill; it's an art that denotes your eagerness for the language.
This segment consists of two selection phases.
1. A rigorous written phase followed by an electrifying buzzer round
2. Then the finest spellers will show their efficiency in the final round.
So, unsheath your pens, sharpen your minds, and brace yourselves for the battle of spelling. Who will emerge victorious and claim the coveted title of spelling master? The stage is set, and the challenge awaits—let the spelling battle begin!
This segment is open to the school and college categories.
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3) Word Play
As English is the global language, it has an immense effect on our lives. So,it is a big chance to discover the beauty of the English language by participating in the ‘word play' game. Our event is based on four electrifying parts, which denote your imagination and examine your mastery of the English language:
1. Crossword Conundrum: Discover the mysteries of language because you solve our crossword puzzle.The winner participant will be awarded as the ultimate wordsmith!
2. Anagram Adventure: Please search in the disorganised system carefully, and as a result, you will find that chaotic letters transform into meaningful words before your very eyes. Can you discover the hidden messages within our confused message system?
3. Guess the Word Riddle: Get ready for the event of property as we examine your brain with unknown clues. Three hints, one elusive word. It is a brain-storming stage. Will you rise to the occasion and uncover the linguistic secrets hidden within?
4. Word Finder Quest: Reach for letters as you hunt for elusive clues within our word grid. Will you spot the words lurking in every direction? Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even reverse—every discovery brings you one step closer to wordplay mastery!

This event is applicable to the school and college categories.
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4) Literature Quiz:
Embark on a captivating journey through the vast and enchanting realm of literature with our Literature Quiz! Delve into the rich tapestry of stories, characters, and themes that have captivated readers for generations. Whether you're a seasoned bibliophile or a curious newcomer to the world of books, this quiz promises an adventure through classic tales and modern masterpieces alike.
Test your knowledge of literary classics from Shakespearean sonnets to Victorian novels, from Bengali detective literature to international gems from around the globe. Explore the depths of character motivations, unravel the complexities of plot twists, and immerse yourself in the beauty of poetic language.
Challenge yourself with questions ranging from identifying famous opening lines to matching authors with their iconic works. Journey through the pages of history, romance, mystery, fantasy, and beyond as you unlock the secrets of literature's greatest treasures
Competitors can vie in this event with a team comprising three members of the same institutions. Also, if anyone wants, he or she can participate as a solo participant. It will be a single written-round event.
Categories : S,C
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5) Pop Culture Quiz:
Attention, all entertainment lovers!
Are you ready to examine your remaining knowledge in the ultimate way of pop culture? So,we bring the eagerly anticipated segment: POP CULTURE QUIZ! So,you will get ready to go face-to-face with fellow participants in the pop culture quiz.
Whether you're a movie buff, a music aficionado, a gaming enthusiast, or a meme master, we've got you covered. Our quiz will have the following topics:
1. Games 2. Anime 3. Music 4. Movie
Join us for an interactive written quiz experience, complete with audio-visual questions set by our honourable quizmasters. This is one event you definitely don't want to miss!
Buckle up, register now, and prepare for a nail-biting contest of pop culture. This segment is for the school, college and university categories.
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6)Team Quiz:
Quizzing is very special for all ages. It's not just about entertainment; it's a thrilling test of our knowledge, quick thinking, and partnership. On the grandest stage of the English Carnival, the Notre Dame English Club invites all quizzers to step into the spotlight and reveal their outdated expertise in the 'Team Quiz' event.
There are some rules and regulations for the “Quizzing” segment given below:
1. Participants who are interested in that segment will form a team of 2–3 members from the same or different institution to participate in the competition.
2. The contest is divided into two segments: a primary round and a buzzer round.
The top six teams that qualified from the primary rounds will be elected for the final round.
So, you are requested to join us as we want to expand the light of quizzing and discover who will win the upcoming test of quizzing!
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7) Mega Quiz:
In this postmodern society, the flow of knowledge and social communication is quite significant. For the betterment of our lives and to make this world much better than before, the best thing we can do is to learn new things. So let's dive in towards the depth of knowledge for what's waiting beyond the horizon. You are most welcome to the event where you can prove the depth of your knowledge and be a part of something greater—the prestigious Mega Quiz Competition! The Mega Quiz competition is open to all. Rules and Regulations:
1.The quiz team can contain a maximum of five members.

2. There are no boundaries for member selection on the team.

3. The quiz is divided into several different topics.

4. Only spot registration is applicable for the team in the Mega Quiz.

5. Each interested team must pay TK. (500) for attending the quiz.

6. There will be surprise prizes for the top three teams.

7. There is a separate registration form for participants who are going to only participate in the Mega Quiz.
8 ) Book-based quiz:
We all know that books are our best friends. So,it is one of the weapons to increase our knowledge. So, NDEC arranges the ‘Book-Based Quiz’ event at the 8th National English Carnival. This segment is your opportunity to check out the world of books and gather knowledge of authors, writers,characters etc. It is an amazing opportunity for you to discover the hidden aspects behind the books.
There are some rules and regulations for the segment given below:
1. Each team must consist of 2 to 3 members, who can be either from the same or different institutions. Each of the members must complete their registration separately.
2. The selected books are:
a) Dune (The first book only)
b) The Old Man and The Sea
c) Kafka On The Shore.
Keep an eye on the event page for further updates. Don't miss this chance to celebrate the magic of books and test your literary knowledge in a friendly and competitive atmosphere.
Categories: S, C
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9) Instant Story Writing
A story basically depends on a human's thinking. When a man finds a good story, he wants to read it eagerly. So it is a huge opportunity for you so that you can express your thinking through your best story writing.
On the event day, participants will be given a short story—the beginning or ending of a story or the mysterious frame of the story. Then,the participants will begin to write out their story.
But remember, let your stories be written from the depths of your hearts, for plagiarism is not applicable to story writing. As a result, we can see your best skills in word choice and story writing.
So, it is one of the best opportunities for you to reveal your skills. Get ready and prepare yourself for the segment. As a result, we will give an outstanding story that surprises all.
Categories: S,C
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10) Wall Magazine
Wall Magazine is one of the finest ways to depict the details of a particular idea or topic you want to make people conscious of. It is the best way to increase the curiosity of a reader on a certain issue. Even an uninterested person has to stop and snatch a glance when they see a wall magazine. So wall magazines play a crucial role to spread a message and grab the attention of the general people. This is exactly why Wall Magazine Submission is one of the most awaited events of the upcoming National English Carnival. It is a team event. Three participants belonging to the same institution will be able to form a team. Here are all the rules to participate in this event:
1. Size: Maximum: (* 6 feet X 4 feet) Minimum: (* 3 feet X 2 feet)
2. Base: The base should be made of cork sheet.
3. The content must adhere to strict community guidelines and avoid causing offence to any specific race, gender, caste, or creed.
4. Any kind of vulgarity, swearing, indecent artwork is strictly prohibited.
5. Any instance of plagiarism will result in instant disqualification.
6. Participants are requested to retrieve their wall magazines after the event is wrapped up.
7. Participants can't add or remove anything from the wall magazine once submitted.
Topics for Wall Magazine submission
1.Evolution of science fiction
2. War literature
3. Ethnic festival
College :-
1.Women in mythology
2. Evolution of music
3.Dystopian literature
Follow the event page for registration, submission and scheduling details.
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11) Article Submission:
An article is one of the most sophisticated means of sharing information, and it holds significant importance in our daily lives in this current era. Show your expertise in writing, wordplay and communicative skill through article submission. Rules to be noted:
1. The participants must include their name, address, institution name, section, roll, topic, mobile number and signature of the participant on the cover page.
2. It can only be the work of the participant. Plagiarism will result in instant disqualification.
3. Decision of the judges is final. No complaint will be considered.
4. Articles will be judged on both style and content. The writings which are clear, coherently spoken and logically organised will be preferable by the judges.
5. The word limit is 350 words at the top.
6. Only online submissions will be taken.
Topics for the article submission:
School :-
1) T20 World Cup : A Ray of Hope for Bangladesh
2) 4th Industrial Revolution
College :-
1) Capital Inflation
2) The Influence of War on Literature
University : -
1)Merger of Banks
2) Advertisement Based Media vs Subscription Based media
Get ready for the event and get a chance to show your deftness in English and one of its core operations. Further details are on the event page.
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12) Scrapbook:
Embark on a captivating journey through time and memory as you harness the enchanting art of scrapbooking to immortalise a person and their familial legacy through your unique style and vision. With the addition of creativity, transform mere books, boxes, or cards into cherished relics brimming with tales of yesteryears. Each printed material, visual arts, and treasured photography tell a unique story. From the touch of a flower pressed between pages to the eloquent prose penned in journals, every element in a scrapbook album is a testament to the artistry of memory keeping. In this creative endeavour, you are required to do research, analysis, and storytelling, including relevant information and meticulously crafting each section of your scrapbook with precision and care.

Topics: Open
Rules and Regulations:
For this artistic adventure, let us remind you of the sacred trust bestowed upon you as a participant.
1. Uphold the spirit of respect and inclusivity for race, gender, caste, or creed, ensuring that your content adheres to strict community guidelines.
2.Let your creativity be your guiding light, but tread carefully, for any hint of vulgarity, profanity, or indecency will not be tolerated.
3. Plagiarism shall not find refuge within the pages of your scrapbook for its consequence shall be instant disqualification.
4. Scrapbooks that have triumphed in past events are not eligible for submission.
5. And finally, as the curtain falls on this enchanting event, participants are kindly requested to retrieve their scrapbooks.
Categories: S, C
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13) Sherlock Holmes Quiz:
Do you consider yourself a master detective like Sherlock Holmes? Or perhaps you're as loyal and steadfast as Dr. John Watson? Whether you're a seasoned fan of the BBC series or a newcomer eager to explore the mysteries of 221B Baker Street, this quiz promises an exhilarating journey through the enigmatic world of Sherlock Holmes.Most of the questions will be set from the BBC SHERLOCK series.
Here is some appropriate information that is required to attend the competition:
Expedience: The quiz is open to students of:
Group 'S': Class 8–10
Group 'C', Class 11–12
Format: We will adorn the segment in a written format. Individual Participation: This is an individual competition.
So, please join us for the amazing journey so that you can feel the detective character of “Sherlock Holmes.”
Seize your opportunity, register now, and ensure your place in this unmissable contest before it's too late!
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14) Multimedia Presentation:

Multimedia presentations are more than just conveying information; they're an art form where thoughts and ideas come to life. At the upcoming 'Multimedia Presentation' event of the English Carnival, NDEC is inviting you to elevate your storytelling to new heights.
Some key information to be aware of:

1.Each team must consist of two members, who can be either from the same or different institutions. Each member must complete their registration separately.
2. Topics of multimedia presentation are :
1)Election Integrity and Voting Rights
2)Global Refugee Crisis
3)The Nakba of 1948
4) Journalism ethics
5) Space exploration : A necessity or luxary

3. Registered teams are encouraged to use platforms like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, etc., to create their presentations. We will give you the necessary information on how to submit your multimedia presentation.
4. The top submissions will qualify for the presentation day, where both members must be present. The schedule will be shared shortly.
5. We will give each team a total of seven minutes so that they can present the presentation. The first five minutes will be dedicated to presenting your task, and the remaining two minutes will be for answering some questions from our esteemed judges.
6. Register for it and get ready for a journey of creativity and inspiration. So,it is time to show your skills in both English and ICT.
Categories: S, C
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15) Extempore Speech:
English is used all over the world, and the use of this language is increasing day by day. So,the necessity is very high in this regard.We know there are four steps to learning English properly. Speaking is one of them, so NDEC brings this segment. For attending this segment,one participant not only increases his skills but also develops his creativity in speaking fluently in various diverse topics.
Here's the key information you need to know:
1. Participants will be given a particular topic on the spot and have 3 minutes to prepare for their speech.
2. Each participant will get 3 minutes to deliver their speech.
3. The segment consists of two rounds, with six participants selected from the first round who qualify for the second round.
We provide extra information on the event page. So,you must visit the event page regularly. Prepare for the segment and flourish your speaking skills.
Categories: S, C
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For further information, don't hesitate to contact:
Ashfak Nashir Zilany Aurik
President, Quizzing and Contest
Contact number : 01733576835
FB ID link : https://www.facebook.com/ashfaknashirzilany.aurik?mibextid=ZbWKwL
Towhidul Islam
President, Writing and Publication
Contact number : 01920423254
FB ID link : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100062459552948&mibextid=ZbWKwL

Zahidur Rahim Fardin
President , Management and Organization
Contact number : 01947071141
FB I'd link : https://www.facebook.com/zahidur.fardin?mibextid=ZbWKwL


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