5-week Vinyasa Yoga Strenght Program (15hrs training)

Thu Oct 26 2023 at 04:30 pm

Tula Westerpark, Houtrijkstraat 38, Amsterdam | Amsterdam

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5-week Vinyasa Yoga Strenght Program (15hrs training)

Do you want to increase your physical strength and deepen your spiritual practice? Then join this Flow into Strength program!

In five weeks, you will awaken your strength in both physical and spiritual practices. Every class balances asana practice with theory and a deepening of fundamental knowledge about movement, transitions and vinyasa yoga.


In five weeks, you will steadily build up your vinyasa practice. Each week has its own theme and focus. Each training day will cover 30-45 minutes of theory or philosophy, 90-120 minutes of practice, and 10-30 minutes of asking questions and sharing experiences. Below, the complete overview of the training is provided.

♡ Theme: Take it easy

♡ Theme: Core power

♡ Theme: Working the ladder

♡ Theme: Strong mind

♡ Theme: Strong flow


This program is suitable for all yogis ;) but if might be even more interesting if you resonate with the following:

- you are interested in yoga philosophy

- you want to feel strong in your body and want to go next level in your practice

- you want to learn in a small group with lots of personal guidance

- you just done you YTT and want a little freshening up

- you are thinking about doing a YTT but want a little more foundation

- you want to understand more of what you're doing on the mat


You will learn to focus the mind in a way that it gets stronger than the body and vice versa. As you proceed throughout the training, the classes will grow into full strong trance flows. Hereby, the body and mind are getting ‘fused’ through using poses and transitions that you have been working on.


Infusing your classes with more physical strength and giving them a philosophical foundation.

♡ Theme: Take It Easy

Focus: We start at the beginning by moving through gentle transitions, thereby exploring where you are in your practice and what you want to work on. Discover how you can use the props to your advantage so you can take your practice to a new level.

♡ Theme: Core Power

Focus: The centre of our body is where all movement starts from. You will connect on both physical and spiritual levels with your core which is your centre – Hara or Quosco. You will learn how to use this space to cleanse the body and mind. Get ready to get sweaty, as you start to transfer the physical body.

♡ Theme: Working the Ladder

Focus: In our yoga classes we often work with ladders, adding in more movements into each 'flow'. During this class you will feel the power of repetition.

♡ Theme: Strong Mind

Focus: If my body feels weak, I need my mind to be strong. If my mind feels trembly, I need my body to feel strong. They carry each other and need to take care of each other. During this class, you will work with several meditation and breath techniques to strengthen your beautiful mind.

♡ Theme: Strong Flow

Focus: You now feel comfortable to join this type of class. You understand how your body works, where your limitations are and how to adjust where needed. You feel ready to break a sweat during your yoga practice, not just because your body is working, but also because you are conquering mental obstacles. You feel genuinely strong in your body and in your mind.


Lalí has been educated in India & Australia in Yoga and Modern Mysticism. She has been an experienced vinyasa teacher for many years. Her background in Budokon will provide new movements to all people with all experience levels. She weekly teaches several slow flow, vinyasa flow and strong flow classes at Tula.


This Flow Into Strength Training is taught in English.



Thursday 26 October, 2, 9, 16 & 23 November

Time: 18:30-21:30 hrs

Location: Tula Westerpark


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Tula Westerpark, Houtrijkstraat 38, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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