2023 Fall/Winter Science Field Trips

Tue Oct 03 2023 at 10:15 am to 11:45 am

The Randall Museum | San Francisco

Randall Museum
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2023 Fall\/Winter  Science Field Trips
In-Person Science Field Trips are back! Join us for in depth , hands on science for your classes.
Choose the science topic of your choice!
About this Event

The Randall Museum is once again offering our science field trips - In Person. These classes emphasize the dynamic role science plays in San Francisco Bay Area natural environment. The programs we offer provide students opportunities for active hands-on engagement with with content that compliments the California Science Framework.

Regular Rate - $85

SFUSD Schools 50% Discount: Public Schools use discount code "PUBLIC" for reduced rate at checkout.

Class size limited to 35 students

Field Trip Topics:

New! - Food for Thought: In conjunction with the Randall Museum's new temporary exhibit, Food for Thought illuminates that each of us has direct impact on the environment by our interaction with the food system. Through games and activities we explore the impact of shopping for, growing, cooking and disposing of food and packaging. We also explore the amazing positive change taking place by dedicated scientists as well as the positive impact of composting.

Revised! - Before San Francisco: The San Francisco peninsula looked very different before settlers came to California. This class explores the interactions between Native People and the surrounding geography, flora, fauna through discussion, games and activities.

Air and Wind: We are surrounded by Earth’s atmosphere, an amazing mixture of gases that sustains life on our planet. By participating in exploration activities, students learn how different properties of air are used in various real-world applications. Students also learn what forces drive winds that sweep through our lives and create weather systems.

Bay Area Geology: Students begin their exploration by constructing the Earth’s geologic history that begins at Earth’s formation, 4.6 Billion years ago. The class also uses the museum’s rock and mineral collection to identify distinguishing properties of different rocks. Topping off this field trip is an instructor-led hike through stunning geologic features that are unique to Corona Heights, home to the Randall Museum.

Electricity and Magnetism: Electricity and magnetism are two different, but closely related, natural forces in our world. Through hands-on exploration, students learn the basic properties of electricity and magnetism by pulling electrons off each other, creating circuits that control the flow of electricity, magnetically testing familiar objects and more.

Water: Water is the basis of life on Earth. In this class students will experiment with the unique qualities of water. Flow, surface tension, capillary action, buoyancy are some of the topics that are covered. Students also gain an appreciation of the limited amount of water on Earth and how water cycles through the earth and atmosphere.

Green and Growing: Students learn that every object they use in daily life is either a plant or is produced from plants. Green and Growing encourages students to understand their own roles in ecological systems including being consumers, producers and good stewards of our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my class see the animals?

Yes! All of our live animals reside in the Wild in California exhibit and your class will be able to tour all exhibits at no additional fee.

Do you accommodate special needs students?

Our instructors are chosen for their flexibility in teaching style and can accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Just let us know if your groups have any special needs beforehand.

Is there parking?

There is a large parking lot available. Buses are able to drop students off in the parking lot.

Is there space to eat lunch?

Yes, there is an  outdoor amphitheater, group picnic table, and lawn to sit and have lunch.  In the event of rain, there can be space made indoors.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your field trip up to 48 hours before the event for a full refund.

How many chaperones are necessary?

We prefer that you have minimum 1 chaperone for every 10 students.


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The Randall Museum, 199 Museum Way, San Francisco, United States


USD 85.00

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