1st Australasian-Pacific Conference on Parareurbanology and Serenology

Fri Oct 18 2024 at 08:30 am to Sun Oct 20 2024 at 06:30 pm UTC+10:30

Adelaide Convention Centre | Adelaide

1st Australasian-Pacific Conference on Parareurbanology and Serenology
Join us at the 1st Australasian-Pacific Conference on Parareurbanology and Serenology to explore the fascinating intersection of paranormal
About this Event

Join us for 3 days of thought provoking and inspiring presentations, group discussions, interactive sessions and parapsychic dynamics. A rare opportunity to reflect on and discuss both your personal and our collective evolution as a multidimensional consciousness among people who prioritise consciousness and assistance as their focus in life.

This event is for you if you answer yes to one or more of the following questions:

  • Are you aware that there is more to life than the physical dimension, but are seeking a more scientific approach or one that is different from traditional religious and spiritual models?
  • Do you value self-research and experimentation with para-phenomena as tools for your personal development?
  • Do you naturally accept that you have had many lives before this one and that you are an immortal consciousness living a human life?
  • Do you appreciate that global social changes relate to the evolution of consciousness over millennia?
  • Do you have certain understandings about the nature of reality that you have brought into this life that seem different from traditional, familial, or societal norms?
  • Do you have a sense that your human life is part of a large evolutionary process for consciousness itself?
  • Do you have a sense of purpose related to understanding and expanding consciousness in the world?

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What to expect at the conference?
  • Thought provoking and engaging presentations by more than a dozen consciousness researchers from around the world on diverse aspects of consciousness, evolution and our capacity to grow and contribute to life.
  • New techniques for inner serenity and parapsychic assistance to others.
  • Large and small group discussions.
  • The opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new evolutionary connections across the globe.
  • Developing new understandings about the evolution of consciousness and the ways we can contribute to the process.
  • Participation in para-psychic dynamics – a chance to experience subtle energies and parapsychic phenomena and deepen your experiential understanding of their importance in your life.

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What are the themes of the conference?

Parareurbanisation and Serenology are two crucial and synergistic research areas of conscientiology, which is the study of consciousness from a multidimensional and holistic perspective.

Serenology – in conscientiology, we study a scale of evolution of consciousnesseses (souls, spirits, individuals). Each level in the scale is identified by the attainment of specific strong traits and characteristics. Each level also has a name. This scale helps us to manage and track our development, our evolution, as individuals. At the top of this scale is the Homo Sapiens Serenissimus, the most advanced, mature consciousness that still chooses to be reborn in the physical dimension. A Homo Sapiens Serenissimus is characterised by their dedication to assisting physical and non-physical consciousnesses. However, when physical, a Homo Sapiens Serenissimus remains anonymous, not wishing to draw attention to themself.

During the conference, speakers will share their experiences of connecting with a Homo Sapiens Serenissimus and the impacts this has had on their lives and the ways a Homo Sapiens Serenissimus contributes to our collective evolution.

We will explore the steps we can take in our own life to move ourselves closer to states of serenity and a greater capacity to assist others. Studying and understanding the level of consciousness designated as Homo Sapiens Serenissimus is an invaluable tool by which to accelerate our personal evolution and expand our assistantial capacity, including our ability to contribute to the process of parareurbanisation.

The dual theme of this event is designed to invite contributions and energetic dynamics that will help participants live their life from their advanced evolutionary future instead of their karmic past. By immersing ourselves in the concept of parareurbanisation we will gain greater clarity of the challenges facing physical society for the coming decades and the assistantial contributions we can make to this process. This will support us to prioritize our life to align more fully with the highest goals of our existential programmes. Deepening our understanding of serenology will support us to anchor ourselves in the energies of the Homo Sapiens Serenissiumus and their assistantial projects during this transformative time.

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Parareurbanology – parareurbanology studies a process of profound global change on all dimensions of existence. It includes what is often referred to as extraphysical rescues. This occurs in the non-physical dimension, where all humans go when they die. What we see in the non-physical dimension reflects what we see on earth—both positive and negative. Some non-physical communities are stuck in perpetual negative cycles of behaviour of conflict, depression, substance abuse and so on. In the process of parareurbanisation, some of us in the physical dimension donate our energies or project to the extraphysical dimension and work with a team of advanced non-physical beings to help those stuck in such situations. They bring them into a kind of energetic ‘net’ and transport them to a more suitable? environment, with the purpose of providing them with an opportunity to improve, progress, learn and mature—in other words, to evolve. Some will be reborn on earth.

Parareurbanisation also has ramifications in physical life with more and more troubled consciousnesses being reborn and on the flipside positive developments taking place to support us all. Population movements, rising extremism and social polarisation, and social innovations and global cooperation are all related to parareurbanisation. All(?) these topics will be explored during the conference.

Parareurbanisation is expected to lead to fundamental transformations of planetary social and consciential conditions. Starting with a gradual reorganization of the extraphysical dimensions, parareurbanisation will eventually create change at all levels of existence. This process will dominate our reality for many decades to come. To stay grounded during the times we are living through it is essential that we understand what is taking place. Understanding parareurbanisation can give us clarity about how we can best contribute to the process by becoming assistantial mini-pieces to support this complex undertaking during our current lives.

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The 1st Australasian-Pacific Conference of Parareurbanisation and Serenology combines a classical conference with specialised parapsychic dynamics. The conference includes an open call for papers, invited key-note addresses and panel discussions.

The parapsychic dynamics will assist you to connect with the extraphysical team to gain new insights and energetic capacities to enhance your contribution to this evolutionary process. They will create a field of group-assistantial work and support the expansion of the holothosenes of universal assistance and maxi-fraternity.

The event will also provide a rare opportunity to interact with a global community of people wanting to contribute to the evolution of consciousness.

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Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, Australia


AUD 70.00 to AUD 390.00

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