❄︎ INNER LIGHT CEREMONY ❄︎ Cacao • Earth Flow • Shamanic Sound Journey

Sat Dec 03 2022 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Ester Adèle | Stockholm

Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn
Publisher/HostMatilda Meenakshi Wiborn
\u2744\ufe0e INNER LIGHT CEREMONY \u2744\ufe0e Cacao \u2022 Earth Flow \u2022 Shamanic Sound Journey
Tis the season
Through the darkest of nights
December is here
Let your fire ignite
In the glistering cold
We remember the warmth
Through shadows we move
To proceed our journey forth
So much is recalibrating in the world at this moment.
Now is the time to contribute by honoring yourself and do the inner work.
To reflect upon what is ready to shed and transform so that you can shine your light in a world that so desperately needs it.
In the language of witches, Winter is called ’The belly of darkness’.
This ceremony is weaved around that theme in a journey inwards with our most precious practices accompanied by the season.
Welcome into the Belly of Darkness.
Come feel how the winter can cradle us into our subconscious basement and aim our inner lights upon what shifts need to be done for new times to come.
We invite you to bring a clear intention which you’ll keep in heart during the practices.
It might arrive spontaneously the days before the ceremony, it might be an occurrence in your life. It can be something you thoroughly reflected upon for a while, or it might crystallize at the very day of our meeting. There are no strict guidelines for this as it is only your own intuition that can bring you inwards and home.
To awaken our Spirits and settle us in for the journey, we’ll have the Cacao by our side. As we receive this medicine, we are held into relaxation, a subtle opening of our senses and a deepened connection to heart.
The cacao we´ll enjoy is organic and comes from an indigenous Kaqchikel Mayan women´s collective at the highlands of Western Guatemala. Her name is Ru’u’xulew - ’Heart of the Earth’. It´s truly an honor and gift to share this sacrament here in the cold winters of North.
The Shamanic sound journey brings us into our intuition and subconscious layers of self. This medicine offers a vessel for going beyond mind to travel with your intention. You might connect to realms and aspects of yourself that have been forgotten or hidden. You might also have a deep meditation or rejuvenating rest. You’ll receive what you need the most.
The movements of Earth Flow will help to anchor and embody the intention, awaken the fire and slowly expand that inner light. This is a dynamic exploration of somatic movements, breathwork and sound inspired by the shamanic devotion to earth. A calling home to your wilderness and into unity with all through the meeting of spirit and matter.
We will wrap the evening up in togetherness and explore how it feels to sense community after setting aside time to truly hold and honor yourself.
This element offers us to shine our light through sharing, singing or simply sitting together. We keep this part organic to follow the energy of the room.
~ Come! If you feel ready and called.
Come with an open heart and trust.
~ Bring a water bottle, journal and pen.
~ Wear comfortable clothes so you can practice freely and at times intensely.
~ Let us know if you’re sensitive to smoke and smells.
May the medicine be with you.
With love,
Matilda & Martin
Ester Adèle Yogastudio
Sankt Paulsgatan 22
Saturday December 3d
550 SEK
Send your name and address to:
[email protected]
(Limited amount of spots.)

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